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Stock Market Course

This is an overall course to understand all aspects of the stock market. This course will enable you to take profitable trading and investing decisions, which will eventually lead to income and wealth creation.

Stock Broking

We provide class apart stock broking with features like online trading, mobile app and, many more. Any issues will be personally handled by us with utmost care.

Portfolio Management

We create your portfolio keeping in mind your investment objectives, risk appetite, time horizon and many other factors. With our experience and strategies we can greatly add value to your total wealth portfolio.

Take the First Step Towards your Financial Freedom !

Stock Markets The Most Rewarding Career

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I enrolled with Goela school of finance this year only, and these guys were awesome at their jobs the best part was that their lecturers never got monotonous which is generally the thing at other places

Harshit Rastogi

Harsh and Aditya introduced me to financial market! These 2 are great mentors and traders, harsh’s fortae being fundamentals and Aditya technical! Perfect combo of both.
They have supported me and guided me in every way possible to succeed in my Endeavors.

Aman Gupta

Highly informative classes and friendly instructors

Shrey Saxena

Well, the place is full of geniuses. They will guide you like their own family. The experience they have in portfolio management, stocks trading is just amazing. The founders are way more cooler. Kudos to the team.

Sahib Chawla

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America’s Big Gamble

Written by: Harsh Goela   We all know  that Donald Trump has been elected  as President  by the   people of America who were dissatisfied  with the present  governance and wanted a change. The last decade has seen no growth in terms of income and employment  and to top it all there was  terrorism and political […]

Donald Trump’s Economic Agenda and its Effect on Global Markets

Written by:   On 14th December 2016, the Federal Reserve Bank of United States of  America increased interest  rates by 25 bps pulling up the interest range to 0.50 -0.75 pc, which was the second rise in the last 10 years.  Fed Chair Janet Yellen, indicated that the rates would continue to rise in 2017, […]

Conditions for Gold – never so Perfect

Written by: 18.12.2016 The U.S. dollar is insanely overvalued right now. And there’s absolutely no way these levels can be sustained for much longer. The strength of the Dollar over the past several months has been based on nothing more than foreign currency conversion into Dollars. China and Japan competitively devaluing their currencies Yuan and […]

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