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Stock Market Course

This is an overall course to understand all aspects of the stock market. This course will enable you to take profitable trading and investing decisions, which will eventually lead to income and wealth creation.

Stock Broking

We provide class apart stock broking with features like online trading, mobile app and, many more. Any issues will be personally handled by us with utmost care.

Portfolio Management

We create your portfolio keeping in mind your investment objectives, risk appetite, time horizon and many other factors. With our experience and strategies we can greatly add value to your total wealth portfolio.

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Investment methodology at Times of War

With the recent events between India and Pakistan, you might be wondering how war affects stock markets. Honestly according to me these two things are completely different. First, let’s understand the basics of why the markets would go down during a war. So war is a very capital intensive event, the money which could go in developing […]

This is Why you will Never be Financially Free

To start we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year, hoping that this year brings you good health and luck. Another year has been completed and all of us end up saying, “time flies.” To quote our Nani, “Ek aur saal aake challa gaya, putta hi nahi challa” Well this is the […]

5 Reasons Why Investing is the Best Business

Ever wondered why some earn few thousands a year while others earn lacs and a few others crores. You may think it’s about hard work or how much more time they invest in their job. But we can assume that all are hardworking and are all motivated to work harder to prosper in life. We […]

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What Our Students Say

I took 3 days stock market course from goela school of finance from 1st December to 3rd December 2017.
Before this course, i never had an idea about stock market
I didnt even knew a single thing about it.
But now, i’ve got great knowledge about it.
All the sessions were great. Before 1st december, i was zero in knowledge of stock market. But now im confident about it.
I THANK YOU for being such an amazing mentor 😇🙏
I just enjoyed and loved each and every second at our sessions.
Overall experience was just out of this world.
My best investment ever.
It got me awesome knowledge and got me an opportunity to meet two most amazing and pleasing personalities I’ve ever met, Harsh Sir and Aditya Sir
Thanks a lot sir 😇

Bhanu Dagar

The course structured by Harsh and Aditya Goela is good for an individual to know the important things about the stock market. This course is not just about some Fundamental or Technical analysis session but it deals with other factors as well which affect an individuals investment making decisions..everything is explained in a very clear and simple manner, they are always available if one has any doubts. They really believe in teaching the skills of how to identify good investments rather than giving their students with some tips. This course has definitely given me the confidence that it’s not that difficult to create wealth and made me understand what financial literacy means. I’ve read many books and forums online to understand stock market but the application of that information was not so practical. Harsh and Aditya selflessly teach everything they learned from their experience and help us understand the important things. The approach taught by both the brothers is very practical and makes complete sense if one is looking to learn the art of investing in stock markets rather than trying to be wealthy overnight.

Hari Krishna

Harsh and Aditya have excellent knowledge and experience in the financial/stock market. There training course is desgined in such a way that it gave me confidence for investing money in the financial market. These 2 are great mentors. Excellent team!

Srinivas Samanthapudi

Goela Brothers rock!!!! Their passion is contagious. Their knowledge is great. And their willingness to deliver the knowledge across (and that too with humility) is just Supreme. I was expecting x, they delivered 10x. And they even offer great After-Sales support. What else I could ask for!!

Divyanshu Chauhan

Coming from a non-finance background, I initially had no knowledge whatsoever in finance. The workshop that I attended in Dec, 2017 completely changed my mindset. Harsh and Aditya sir have a great deal of knowledge in fundamentals, technicals or anything and everything related to Finance. And they are always ready to help you with your doubts.
So I had an interview in the morning and the previous night to it I messaged Aditya sir about some doubts which I had. He quickly responded infact called me to answer all of them, that too around midnight. That simply and obviously deserves a Wow!
Thanks to them, I converted that internship and now I’m doing my second internship in one of the Big 4 accounting firms!
All in all, kudos to Harsh and Aditya sir for such a great initiative!

Mehul Chaudhary

I enrolled with Goela school of finance this year only, and these guys were awesome at their jobs the best part was that their lecturers never got monotonous which is generally the thing at other places

Harshit Rastogi

Well, the place is full of geniuses. They will guide you like their own family. The experience they have in portfolio management, stocks trading is just amazing. The founders are way more cooler. Kudos to the team.

Sahib Chawla

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