Stock Market Corrections are Temporary while Rises Permanent.

Author Rahul Goela Chartered Accountant and Market Analyst 30.5.2018 Here is a research I have done on market corrections. Each time we face a correction we loose our balance of mind and think that the correction will go much deeper. Our thoughts are supported by the negative news in media who are busy giving lower […]

The best Investor age for the Markets is 60 Plus

  Great Investors have made 99 % of their wealth after the age of 60 years. Like Warren Buffett and George Soros     Join us at  GOELA SCHOOL OF FINANCE  ( ONLINE AND CLASSROOM CLASSES ) Investor/Trader  Education is a  must, just as it is for an Engineer / Doctor/Chartered Accountant/Lawyer or  for any other […]

Rise and Rise of Markets

   Market Falls are always Temporary while Rises Permanent if you believe India will do better in the next many years  

Only Two mistakes we make in Stock Markets

                                                      REGRETTING SELLING TOO EARLY                                                   […]

Sound Investing Principles

  Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get         interested is when no  one else is. You can’t buy what is popular and do well  “Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.” “It’s far better […]

Charts don’t lie.

Aditya Goela Technical Analyst   “Corporate fundamentals, news, future prospects, rumors, investor perceptions, investor psychology,  financial results, corporate guidance, and so on, all is discounted in current market price of a share, it represents the market price of a share at which people are willing to buy and sell. The current price discounts everything from […]

Never Predict Markets in ShortTerm

Harsh Goela MBA, Financial Literacy Trainer      “It is not worth your time predicting markets in short term. They can only positively surprise or negatively shock you.  Market  just doesn’t  work the way you want it to. Waste of time. Invest in quality stocks for long term and save yourself from the stress  of […]

LongTerm Investing in Stock Markets can never go wrong read to know WHY.

Author, Rahul Goela Chartered Accountant and Market Analyst   I have researched three parameters to understand why share prices can only go up over time   Compounded Annual Growth Rates % ( CAGR%)            Period             EPS Nifty 50 stocks     MarketCap of Nifty 50     MarketCap […]

America’s Big Gamble

Written by: Harsh Goela   We all know  that Donald Trump has been elected  as President  by the   people of America who were dissatisfied  with the present  governance and wanted a change. The last decade has seen no growth in terms of income and employment  and to top it all there was  terrorism and political […]

Donald Trump’s Economic Agenda and its Effect on Global Markets

Written by:   On 14th December 2016, the Federal Reserve Bank of United States of  America increased interest  rates by 25 bps pulling up the interest range to 0.50 -0.75 pc, which was the second rise in the last 10 years.  Fed Chair Janet Yellen, indicated that the rates would continue to rise in 2017, […]