Conditions for Gold – never so Perfect

Written by: 18.12.2016 The U.S. dollar is insanely overvalued right now. And there’s absolutely no way these levels can be sustained for much longer. The strength of the Dollar over the past several months has been based on nothing more than foreign currency conversion into Dollars. China and Japan competitively devaluing their currencies Yuan and […]

The Angry World

Written by: 14.12.2016 Over the last 10 years the world has not seen growth in individual or corporate earnings and  in fact  staring into  recessionary conditions. If there has been  little growth anywhere, it is without  job creation. In fact, technology seems to be the only driver to  growth like the new Amazon Stores, is […]

Stock Markets: A disaster waiting to happen

            Authors: After completing school, we found to our disappointment, that there was no degree available in the field of Stock markets which has been our passion. We then decided to drop out of formal education system and completed our education from graduation to  post graduation  through  distant learning  programs. […]

How to Start Investing In Stock Markets

So, you want to start investing in shares huh? Nice idea! But…how do you actually get started? There is so many information on the internet, everyone from our family to our friends have different views on this subject. Who do you listen to? Where’s the starting point? Maybe you should just forget it, its too […]

Free Guidance in Stock Markets

We bring to you, Free Guidance Mail. From now on you don’t need to pay money for professional help or advise. All your questions are waiting to be solved just a mail away. You have a problem or query in Stock Markets, ask us You have a problem in your Financial planning, ask us You have […]

What is Stock Market?

We wont start by telling you about the history and ridiculously long definitions, in fact we will explain with the help of an example. Lets assume you are an entrepreneur. You have decided to setup a cloth production factory, next step will be arranging the funds required. You get loan approved by a bank and […]

Stock Market Participants

Lets have a look at the main participants in the stock market: Stock Exchange: You must have all heard of NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), these are nothing but platforms where shares of different companies are listed and traded.   Example –  I am sure most of us know how ebay, or […]