Attention Young Investors !

Unlock your investing confidence...develop winner investor mindset...manage your money like the 1% using our Ready-to-use 4-M framework so you can start your financial year SMART before the market opens on 1st Jan 2020.

What if you could START taking smart investment decisions just like a professional, wise investor?

What if you could START taking care of your finances using a proven system to save money worry-free and spend it guilt-free?

What if you could STOP reacting and START responding confidently to market fluctuations?

New year is around the corner and most people are preparing for their vacations, stacking up Netflix shows to enjoy and initiating late-night party at popular clubs in the city (with happy hours). And possibly, you might also be only of them.

Of course, you deserve to spend time with your loved ones, worry-free without getting stuck in the online loop, leaving all your stress behind so you can start the new year fresh.

BUT (and this a BIG one)…

If you’re a YOUNG investor…hungry for crushing the market next year for earning HUGE returns, you must start off 2020 on the right foot with a good strategy and mindset.

Now every one knows this…still 95% of them don’t even think about planning their financial goals for the next year and some of them aren’t even clear on their financial targets.

However, this is not the root cause? And what separates a wise, professional investor from a millennial or a young investor?

Ok, let us show you the real difference:

Wise Investor

Young Investor

“I’m clear about what to achieve and in which stocks I want to invest in. I will hit my profit target!”

“I’m so confused and overwhelmed, I don’t know where to start investing?”

“I don’t require new clothes to wear, instead I will invest that in myself which will give me returns after 5 years!”

“I want new clothes for that next late-night party so I can look cool in front of my opposite-sex”

“I am already mature and intelligent enough to invest, I need to step into the pool to become good at this”

“Oh, I’m too young to start investing, I need to study a lot to understand markets before I get started.”

“I need to budget and manage my money today so that I can enjoy the present as well as the future”

“I can learn about the stock market tomorrow because I want to finish the next season of Sacred Games by today.”

“ I know the market is all about uncertainty, that's why I invest only through proven strategies”

“I don’t know where the market will move in the next quarter, I am filled with fear and anxiety and want to quit stock markets!”

You see, this is why young investors aren’t making much from the markets and are always disappointed and feel like losers.

And let us tell you,

There was a time when we were also thinking like a young investor and that resulted in an unexpected loss from share market, leaving our confidence shattered. Seriously we had started doubting our potential and almost decided to quit investing for a 9-5 Job.

At that moment, we realized that we were suffering from an invisible — but very real and very painful — handicap. We noticed, not only us but most young investors are struggling to make it big, and they had similar problems. They were just as blind.

The handicap was that we didn’t know we were:

Lacking the 4-M’s of investing.

No…no it’s not a theory we copied from an investing book but based on our real experience. We connected the dots to figure this out. Yes, it took us about four years, painstaking research, and consistent trial and error to discover this GAP faced by young or new investors.

We still wonder, if we could go back in time, we would find our 21-year-old self, shake him, and say, “OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES!! You’re missing the 4-M approach!”

That’s the power of this ready-to-use 4-M approach.

So, while brainstorming on “why young investors are struggling at a much larger scale”, we hopped onto this idea to help them with the 4-M framework that kicked us to get back on the right track.

Yes, we’re not kidding! 4-M has made some of the famous investors out there. And it’s like any other skill that can be taught, practiced and perfected.

Still, nobody talks about this. The reason is simple: It doesn’t sell.

The vast majority of young investors are looking for tactics for “rapid investing results ” and “quick money”. (We recommend these people to stay away from stock markets as much as possible).

But a small group of young investors don’t want to focus on tactics and getting rich schemes. They have realized that “hacks” are just  for short term instant gratification, not something they could depend on.

For the young investors who is confused, overwhelmed and wants to figure out and fix their investing problems, we’re:


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6 – hours Live Online Training on…

“How to use our 4-M framework to…”

☑ Unlock your investor confidence

☑ Develop winner investor mindset

☑ Manage your money like the 1%

In this 6-hours LIVE training you’ll learn:

It’s just the tip of the iceberg…there’s much, much more!


How will this 6 Hour Live Training work?

This is the first time we’re organizing this 6-hour live training, where we’ll be delivering t you all the valuable content on three big webinars of two-hours each, over the course of 3-Days.

☑ Day-1: Friday, 20th December 2019, 11am – 1pm IST

☑ Day-2:Saturday, 21st December 2019, 11am – 1pm IST

☑ Day-3: Sunday, 22nd December 2019, 11am – 1pm IST

These will be live TEACHING webinars where we’ll deliver all the critical lessons you need to know to get the most out of the market in 2020. 

Not only that, we’ll make sure to set aside time on each of these webinars for LIVE Q&A and interaction. This will be a HUGE benefit of attending live.

Plus you'll get bONUS content !

We already mentioned the precious learnings you’ll get from the training but we want you to take away EXTREME value from us. So that you can take QUICK action as soon as you finish the training.

Have you ever read a book and forgot everything about it in one month?
Do you just read books or take action on the knowledge you’ve gained?

This short course will provide you a system on how to efficiently read stock market and non-fictional book, so you just don’t read them but take ACTION alongside.

After attending this training you will...

…Be able to pick winning stocks without any emotional bias.

….Be able to afford money for investing without sacrificing your present.

…Be able to clearly see the correct path for yourself by overcoming the fear of unknown.

…Be able to choose the right mentor for yourself and find the right community which helps you to improve as an investor.

…Be able to gain unshakable investing confidence without looking for motivation all the time.

…Be able to understand how to NOT just read, but USE stock market books to get the most out of them.

A new approach for young investors

There are countless approaches and heuristic frameworks out there on the internet.

But after spending time with some great investors, talking to our community and our successful mentees, we learned these simple rules of thumb.

They are easy, practical and extremely powerful when it comes to investing in stock markets.  

In this LIVE training, we’ll be teaching you how to choose the winning stocks to attain financial freedom. You can instantly apply the teachings and take your investing skills to the next level.

By putting them all together, you’ll have a clear road-map on how to make smart investment decisions and how to afford money for your next foreign trip without sacrificing your financial goals.

Is this training for me ?

This LIVE training is for you, if…

⦿ You want to start your next year in a planned way so you can achieve more from the markets rather than shooting blind arrows.

⦿ You’re focused on the long term wealth making which will get you financial freedom, and you understand there will always be ups-and-downs.

⦿ You’ve gotten as far as you can on your own, but you know “what got you here won’t get you there” — and you’re open to getting an extra push to cross the bridge to success.

⦿ You’re overwhelmed and unsatisfied by the noisy information regarding investing on the internet and want to learn from a mentor who has experienced and solved all those problems you are currently facing.

What is it all worth ?

Remember, we’ve told you that no broker/mutual fund house wants you to know this 4-M framework at a deeper level. 

Plus, the amount of time, effort, resources we’ve already spend for preparing this valuable content only for you, makes this worth Rs.5,000.

So, we could easily charge Rs. 5000 for this training like many other stocks market coaches would — and you could cover that cost in just first few months (if you take action). 

Yet, we are conducting this live training FIRST TIME and ONLY for the people who read our weekly newsletter.

We’re offering it for much, much less. 

The retail price for Webinars That Sell is Rs.5000. 

But, TODAY as a special holiday deal, YOU can get in for just Rs.2499, about 2/10 cost of our Irresistible stock market course. 

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is good ONLY until Wednesday, December 18th…After we get 40 registrations,  we would not take any more people for this live event. 

PLUS you’ll get the exclusive benefit of being able to get in for this live training, participating and having your questions answered. 

The final decision is yours…

Okay, would you like to be stuck or would you like to choose to learn how to move forward by fixing your investing mindset, psychology and method?

We’ve shown you all the benefits and transformation you will get once you complete this training and take action on a daily basis. Plus, we’re giving you 7-days after the training to try out all the methods, put them on work, put it on the test and prove the value for yourself. 

And if in case, you decide that it doesn’t live up to your expectations — that you are unable to make it work for you —  we want you to email us. Show us you did the exercises, and you’ll get a prompt and courteous full refund. 

No risk. No obligations.

We don’t want to push you to buy this because that is against our core value. Instead, we want you to take the final decision whether you want to come with us on this journey or not.

You’re just one step away tounlock your investing confidence…develop winning investor mindset…manage your money like the 1% using our Ready-to-use 4-M framework, so you can start your financial year SMART before the market opens on 1st Jan 2020.

Total Value


If you have any questions or concerns about the course, mail us. We’re always happy to help

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