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Role Definition - Associate Video Editor

Our organization has more than three lakh followers across all our social media handles. We strive to give them the best content possible. Here, this job profile plays a vital role. Wherewith the edits are content is crisp, fun and to the point. Creating an enjoyable experience for anyone who consumes our online content

Background of Founders

Harsh Goela born on 25th Aug 1992 and Aditya Goela born on 04th Jan 1994 are brothers. Both started with a keen interest in Stock Markets from the age of 10-11, due to their father (also their Mentor) being in Stock Markets. The personal goal for both Harsh and Aditya is to be identified among the top 50 Investors in the world. Keeping this goal in mind, going to college did not seem to be the right choice as it was adding nothing to them to achieve their target. They have completed their Graduation in commerce via the School of Open Learning, DU. Further on Harsh Goela completed his MBA Banking and Finance via Symbiosis School of Distance Learning and Aditya Goela completed his CFA via CFA Institute.
Getting success in stock markets at an early age, both the brothers decided to educate and financially empower everyone in Stock Markets. Hence, Goela School of Finance LLP came into existence.

Background of Goela School of Finance LLP

Goela School of Finance LLP is an organization with an aim of “Removing the inefficiency of financial misjudgement from people’s lives” by providing an extremely high-value Stock Market Learning Program.  We started our operations on 29th Dec 2014. Where Harsh Goela and Aditya Goela together started taking stock market classes from their bedroom.
Now we educated more than 2,00,000 students of all age groups across 27 different countries, 5000+ members in our Private community.
Conducted Stock Market Sessions in 100+ Colleges, 27+ Schools, 18+ Cooperates. Names of some of the organizations we conducted sessions for NSE, BSE, Groww, HDFC Bank, Gail, IIT’s, NIIT’s, Doon School, and several more. Also mentioned in YourStory, Forbes India, and graced TedX and JoshTalk Platforms.
Adding to this we have a strong presence on Social Media with more than 3lakh followers across all Social Media platforms. {Feel free to browse through our social media handles}.
Today we are one of the fastest-growing Stock Market Communities on the internet. Completely focused on digital platforms, creating a digital brand that will bridge the gap of Financial Literacy in India.

Why are we hiring for this post?

Content creation is a crucial task for our organization. To make the content even better, creative, and out of the box having a strong team of editors is a must.
Here you will get a platform to get crazy with all your ideas, concepts, and editing styles. We are always one step ahead to go for any type of experimentation.
Kindly note – we are not looking for someone to just take orders rather put your heart and soul into the process. We want you to be a constant source of new ideas.

What do you need for this post?

  • Fast Laptop / PC that can handle heavy loads
  • Smart Mobile Phone
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Understanding of Adobe Premiere Pro/Final Cut Pro and Photoshop

Ideal candidate for this post

You will make an ideal candidate if you are someone who has a full-hearted commitment to our organization and someone who is full of excitement and ideas. We love people who bombard us with new ideas with appropriate action to execute them.

Here is the required skillset:

  • Self-motivated
  • Attention to detail: Crucial, the smallest of things should be taken care of. Every video has to be your best ever content.
  • Adaptability: Some urgent videos like breaking news need immediate editing. These situations have to incorporate.
  • Familiarity with editing software
  • Good with Deadlines: Our entire system works like running a knife through soft butter. Our secret is our deadlines.
  • Creative: We cannot emphasize enough this, you need to be wild with ideas. We will give platform space to your creative space.
  • Mediocrity: we do not accept this at all. If you have an issue or you are starting then as a team, we will help you but we do not accept any sub-power work to our growing standards. When someone invests their time in our content, they deserve the best.

What will you do?

We have an entire system to create content, wherein you will get all the video editing tasks with a clear deadline. Maintaining timelines is crucial to our system as each content goes 5-6 stages, failing to meet the deadline means disruption of the entire system.

  • Video Editing – This includes all types of elements graphics, text, motion, effects, voice, etc.
  • Types of content – All types of video content will be under you like long videos, short videos, ad creation, revamp old content, etc.
  • Dashboard – You will have access to our dashboard where you will have all your tasks mentioned and feed in your work progress.
  • Tools – Paid access to online tools will be provided for us to make your work easier and more effective.
  • Flexible working hours – You are free to work whenever during the day unless it is a special video that needs to go out fast.
  • Follow and Believe Culture – Our mission is to “Remove inefficiency of financial misjudgment from people’s lives”. Every decision we take is keeping our mission at priority.
  • Weekly Strategic and Tactical Meeting – Meeting with the entire team on weekly basis. Timings of which will be mentioned to you in advance. Meeting Strictly starts and ends on time. Discuss your progress, team progress, and strategy making.
  • Team Culture – We are a team, like a football team. No one is bigger than the team, all of us work together, if you are unavailable due to an emergency then our team member will happily cover for you, you need to do the same.

Why should you join us?

We are going to unleash your Entrepreneurial spirit. Your ideas and vision are expected to take our company to the next level and achieve our mission. We will give you a platform to showcase your skills, experiment, implement all your crazy ideas. Hence, we are completely decentralized, flexible, fully delegated work and flexible work hours. Work from home option is available if not specified otherwise.
For us growth is happiness and we want the same happiness in our professional and personal life, as we will align your goals to our organization’s goals so that we achieve them together.
Personal guidance by Harsh and Aditya Goela, be it for your investments or anything you want to seek guidance in.
Full exposure to the creator ecosystem, start-up culture, and unbelievable networking are going to set you up for all your future goals.
Further, we will invest in your learnings – courses to upgrade your skill will be at our cost with several other benefits.



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