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#1. Everything You Need For Your First Trade

After reading this eBook, you will be in a comfortable position where you can buy or sell shares confidently. Less than 3% of the Indian population invest in stock markets and you are one of them already. So we congratulate you on it, now begin your journey to become a successful stock market investor.

#2. The Ultimate Guide To Investing

This eBook will go through the very basics of investing in all the asset classes you can invest your money in. It’ll talk about your risk appetite, risk tolerance, and tell you how should your money be split amongst all the asset classes, depending on your age bracket. Anyone looking to invest in stock markets has to go through this first.

#3. 5-Minute Stock Picking Checklist

After 8 years of experience we have created this checklist to pick great shares. Just by following these pointers, you will have a very good idea about which company to choose. All the points are explained in a very simple manner which gets you results instantly after reading it.

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