Finally...A proven program that walks through entire stock investing strategies...step by you can multiply your wealth and become financially confident.

Learn the “full-proof techniques” used by our students to create real wealth by investing in stock markets without saving bucket loads of money and doing any side hustles.

clarity about how to study a company before investing...

This course was one of the finest courses I ever took in my life. I mean when it comes to learning about money, you tend to enjoy it. This course not only changed my perceptions about investing, but it raised my awareness about growing money to a great extent. Then the clarity about how to study a company before investing, how to use different methods to buy and sell in stocks looking at the graph, how to identify my financial needs and prepare accordingly, were some of the very important aspects learned. Throughout the course there wasn’t any obstacle. I took their Free Session, and after that, I enrolled for the course. There was no hassle.

- Manish Jaiswal

I Recovered my losses and started making profits...

The course really helped me to start making profits by a huge margin. Before the course I had incurred huge losses but, now I have recovered my losses and started making 20% profits consistently. There are many courses available on the internet, filled with fake gurus but, the authenticity of Harsh sir and Aditya sir helped me to take the leap and I never regret it!!

- Sankeerth

Best decision of my life...

This course is the best stock market course one can and should do! It was definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Harsh and Aditya sir gave me a crystal clear picture of trading and investing in stock markets. Today i can talk about stock markets with everybody confidently with clarity. Anybody who wants to get into stock markets should definitely get into this course without any doubt!

- Mukesh Soni

Found the course so valuable that I got my Sister and brother enrolled...

This course brought a lot of executable knowledge to me, so that I can first be aware about my inflow and outflow, and then manage it optimally through investment in stock markets. I loved the course so much that I got my sisters, brother and friends enrolled. They too found it be extremely valuable.

- Divyanshu Chauhan

I'm at a stage where I know what share to buy to achieve my financial goals...

I always had an impression that stock markets are very complicated. I would question myself if I could even understand the basics of it. But both my mentors made it so easy and simple to understand that I have started talking the financial language. Now I’m at a stage where I can proudly say that I know how to invest so that I can achieve my financial goals. I never expected that stock markets can give you such handsome returns, recently I invested in a stock and that is already 50% up within 3.5 months. Hands down Mr. Harsh Goela and Mr. Aditya Goela both helped me in turning my dreams into reality.

- Ridham Sethi

It was like they were telling me my past mistakes...

Before joining the course i used to speculate and trade on news and tips. After the course I learnt that making money in stock market is no rocket science. After applying the strategies shared here, I saw a substantial growth of almost 50%. The most interesting topic was behavioural finance. It was like they are telling me my mistakes that have not paid attention to. The only obstacle was that I never prefer online teaching courses, also it was my first experience at GSF but the way all the videos were made by harsh sir and aditya sir helped me solve my doubts. It was just fantastic.

- Yash Aggarwal

Made it easy to understand, trade and analyse the markets...

This is a fully developed and systematically drafted course by Harsh and Aditya Sir, their valuable insights made it easy for me to understand, trade and analyse the markets consciously. To be specific, I’m able to draw around 80% of the returns relying on the course.
I’ve learned the way, how emotions come into play, how to handle and neutralize myself, thereby, building a diversified portfolio from the fundamental analysis taught by Harsh Sir and the golden rules that are to be followed while trading derivatives by Aditya Sir.

- G Yashodha

I've got my basic financial needs covered...

I was in a period where I didn’t know what I’m doing, I wanted to learn anything and earn so that eventually I can start my own business. Then I came across this course where the trainers mentored me to learn all about stock markets. After a tough 1.5 Years I’m achieving an annual return of 60%+. I have enough time to side hustle for my business and switched from trading to investing for the long term. I’ve got my basic financial needs covered so that I can take risks in world of business. I can proudly call myself financially free.

- Raghav Budhraja

Warning: These strategies are only for serious people ready to take calculated risk to multiply their wealth by investing in stock markets.

If you see yourself sunbathing in Goa…driving a black Mercedes Benz with your girlfriend sitting next to you…spending money on new gadgets (without worrying about EMIs)…we have bad news for you!

The Freedom index of Indian consumers is very poor, means the ability to achieve financial independence is TOO FAR for the majority.

Yes, you’ve read it right. And there are two major reasons for that:

  • Lack of financial awareness.
  • Bad planning for external economic factors.

Now, this is not fake news or a gimmick to sell our product. You can yourself verify these stats from HDFC Life’s survey that clearly proves the current financial conditions of Indians is neither secure nor free.

But, here's some good news for you

Not everyone is living a mediocre life. There are numerous people out there who don’t get stressed when they look at their monthly spending, and few have already retired in their 40’s to spend their time with their loved ones. Seriously.

We always and always and always underestimate ourselves with non-sense excuses like:

“You know, I belong to a middle-class family. I can’t even think of getting rich” OR

“My father says, you can only be rich if you work intensely hard day and night”

And do you know what happens next?

There and then itself…our future is decided. Something similar to this happens to us:

  • Study hard for an MBA degree and work 9-5 for someone else.
  • Cut back on spending and just save more and more, every month for your retirement.
  • When we retire, we realize we didn’t save enough. So we decide to live in mediocrity till death.

That’s it.

We wait…wait and wait for some magical fairy to show up and give us a luxury house with a beautiful Mercedes S class.

What’s wrong with us!!

If you have accepted this as your reality, then buddy,
Don’t waste your time reading any further.

But if you’re one of those who is serious about your future and don’t want to be just average. Then, the next line will be GOLD for you.

Listen, if you want to be in the league of people who are completely financially stable, then you have the key right in front of you.

Start investing in stock markets to generate the wealth and income you've always dreamt about.

Again, let us prove this fact for you.

Just look around, your family, friends, neighbors….you can easily find a bunch of names who’ve opted for 9-5 good-paying jobs.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But, have you seen them going for vacations, every year, at an exotic destination? Maybe not!

Have you seen them making life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact? Maybe not!

How many times you’ve seen them doing extra work on weekends sacrificing family time, so they can generate additional side income? Plenty of times!

Why is that so?

After all, they’re working their ass-off, getting burnt-out working overtime to satisfy their bosses, to make that one more sale for earning a commission, to save every single penny to enjoy a luxurious life after retirement.

Then why?

Because they’ve not taken smart financial decisions in their life. They hold on to the belief that they can be a financial success only by having a good-paying job and saving money.

Their expenses keep increasing even as their income increases. When they get promoted, instead of investing in the right asset….they buy bigger homes, better clothes, cars, gadgets, crockery, Diwali gifts.
Buddy, this is called the typical middle-class mindset!
We’re not saying something impractical and we’re sure you’ve seen this or might have done this.

In the early days, this was our mindset. We can’t tell you at which level we used to blindly trust our mediocre thinking.

Fortunately, we made a choice to get over this thinking and landed into stock markets.


So, does this mean stock markets is the only way to get rich?

We never said that.

Most people do this immature mistake even before stepping into the world of investing.
Just by seeing the top investors earn massively, they make false assumptions that they can also get rich immediately.

They overlook market timing, behavior, strategies, concepts because greed has taken over their minds.

Yes, the stock markets has helped the ordinary, middle-class people to earn a lot of money but NEVER in quick succession.

If you get into trading with proper knowledge backed up with proven strategies and a goal to achieve financial security, your rate of success will  be tremendously higher than others.

Financial Stability means:

In words of NFL start footballer, Chris Hogan-

“When you are financially confident, you have options. You don’t have to wonder if your bank account can handle replacing your hot water heater or buying groceries for a single mom who just lost her job”

Unfortunately, no one is talking about this.

People fool themselves to save 80% of their income, only to retire at 40 and sit at home alone, reading dozens of articles and watching “goo-roos” videos on this topic.
Clearly, Financial freedom is not about how you choose to spend your time, it’s about having the freedom to choose.
When you learn to play smart then only you’ll be able to design your financially secure life.

Sure, those savings, retirement and passive income hack used to work at one time…
But these days, even the most successful people can’t ignore this fact that the rules have changed.

The new road-map towards financial Confidence

Wealthy people know this game, while the ordinary don’t even know it exists. They have understood the working formula to create real wealth by investing in stock markets.

Because they’re aware how to make money from money. Because they know that small financial decisions can make a huge difference in their future. And they’re damn GOOD at it.

The question is: How are they able to build that much wealth? Is there any “secret” hacks or tips or shortcut behind their success?


The wealthy just follow this 3 step approach while investing in stocks:

When they back this approach with certain proven strategies and philosophies, they’re able to study their stocks in-depth and perform better than others. 

Think about it.

These concepts are never told by our neighborhood stockbrokers. As this will directly effect their commissions and they might not complete their monthly targets.

If you want to master the strategies of the rich and grow your wealth, you have to reconsider all those old tactics of your grandfather’s time.

If you’re still reading then,
Congratulations! You have already taken the not-so-easy first step towards independent living. BUT only the first step.

The next step is to learn all those working strategies that will make you achieve your financial goals.
It’s time to move past the basics and discover the stock investing concepts at a much deeper level. This will transform your middle-class thinking into the investor mindset who is ready to crush the market.
It’s your time for more travel, more fun, more freedom, more money and design the life you want.


Irresistible Stock Market Architecture

You’re fully prepared to move beyond fundamentals and learn important concepts that are required to start investing efficiently.

Divided into 6 weeks, we’ve condensed everything into 33 detailed lessons. We’ve included practical guides, tools, worksheets, breakthrough stories to make it easy for you to apply what you’ll learn.

This training doesn’t just dump all the content to you, then leave you to figure it on your own. We’ve carefully designed this training to “drip” out the material to you, with careful action steps every day. This system forces you to take action.
Of course, you can consume it at your own pace whenever you want.

Here's a full breakdown of what you will learn in the next 6 weeks

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:

And that’s just a sample of the insights packed into this course.

When you take the leap into understanding the science and emotions behind the cover, you’ll learn what to do, when to do it, why it’s important, and how to actually make it happen.

That’s not all, though. We have also packed the course with a whole slew of useful bonuses to make it easy and clear for you.

Join today and unlock these bonus courses:

#1: Money Management Blueprint
(Rs.4999 Value)

Good news: You don’t have to be the smartest to live a rich life. Nor a type ‘A’ personality or a rich family background.

In fact, you can set yourself on the road to wealth with any amount of money using our “Money Management Blueprint”.

This proven-system will show you how to achieve the “work hard play hard” lifestyle. This system can be applied by anyone, from a student to a working professional. Save and spend money without guilt, frustration, confusion, or constantly being bombarded with terrible money advice.

#2: Financial Sheets 101
(Rs.5999 Value)

If you don’t know where the company’s funds are coming from, where it went, or where it is now, then you might not be able to make huge profits from investing.

Financial sheet 101 will help you gain a deep understanding of financial reports and statements from scratch so you can know how much money a company made and spent over a period of time. 

And for that, you don’t have to be a math wizard or rocket scientist or accounting master to extract the essential points from a financial report.

#3: Comprehensive Futures & Options
(Rs.7999 Value)

Do you know in stock markets there is a way you can ensure your investments do not suffer heavy losses? 

It reduces the risk just like an insurance?

In this bonus, you’ll discover comprehensive futures and options that protects you from doing costly mistakes and let you take smart investing decision to reach your wealth targets faster.

What're not ready for this training

Because this is not everyone.
Especially, not for those people who are still holding that false belief of stock market = gambling.
Not for those who are waiting for something magical to happen in their life that can make them millions.
Not for those, who are looking for get-rich-overnight on secret investments.

If you’re one of those, then please STOP reading further. You’re at the wrong place, man!
But if you’re ready to play the game with calculated risk, you’re ready to increase your wealth, you’re ready to ditch the old rules for achieving your financial goals, this training is made only for you!

look at how our students are crushing it

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get started today...

Total Value


If you have any questions or concerns about the course, mail us. We’re always happy to help

Frequently Asked Quenstions

Q1. Is this course for Students or Professionals?

This course is for anyone who wants to ditch the old ways for making  wealth and is ready to follow the proven system to achieve financial freedom by getting highly skilled in stock market investing. 

Q2. Can I make a career in stock markets after completing this program?

Ofcourse, the whole idea of investing in stock markets is making money work for you. From a full-time job with a secure income to being an entrepreneur by investing in other people’s startups, there are tremendous opportunities available inside the stock market arena. Plus, We help you to find a job in all the finance houses connected to us, once you become super bright to excel in investing.

Q3. How much time do I need to put in for Stock Markets?

Look, we’re not spying on how many hours you spend on this. But, If you’re serious about your success then even 1 hour everyday should be enough in the beginning.

Q4. Is this course made of live sessions or recorded lectures?

Both! The core concepts are recorded lectures. This is because we want you to learn according to your schedule and at your own pace. After understanding the concepts we would be having Live Exclusive Webinars where we would discuss doubts, problems and go through new strategies. Therefore its a mix of both live sessions and recorded lectures.

Q5. Is your program of three months enough to learn Stock Markets?

Never.  No person or book can teach you stock market in such a small time span. The more you learn, the more you understand, the better investing decisions you’ll take. Take it as a game where everyday you’ll have a new challenge and a new mystery to solve. Therefore we have setup a mentor-ship program where you will always be connected to the trainers who will guide you towards the right direction.

Q6. Will I get any personal help from you when I buy??

That’s right! You get 3 months access to Irresistible Stock Market Architecture and Office Hours held every two weeks. We all hop on a Zoom call, and can share screens. Our trainers will converse with people 1-on-1 during these office hours answering student’s questions and making an environment where students help each other with good investing recommendation in real-time. Some students choose to participate, some choose to just watch and learn.

Q7. How much time will it take for me to generate income from stocks?

It depends person to person. As we already mentioned above, you need to have patience for getting better results. Plus, you need to have that creative spark within you for solving puzzling bit of obstacles before you make a huge profit from stock markets. On our end, after you finish the course course, we will make you try out every strategy for the coming 3 months helping you to build roadmap to trade and strategy to invest rightly.

Q8. Are you real people, or just really really clever robots?

Well, this website is technically a dumb robot. The rest of us are real people! Hit us up Mon-Fri (11am – 5pm IST) at or call our helpline (+91-9582202446).

You'll wish you had started TODAY!

Because you’ll feel that familiar pain of regret… knowing all the money, freedom and happiness you let yourself miss out on. Only because you didn’t take advantage of our offer to start investing in stock markets with these proven strategies.

Look, we’ve felt that pain before. When we decided to invest in stock markets. People used to laugh at us…tease us, as if we were doing something foolish in life,
But today, we’re treated with honour in our family gatherings. We have become an inspiration to them.

And we want you to be the next example of success in your family. We want you to level up your financial decisions and just clench your financial freedom from nature because it’s already there…waiting for you to take action.
Just in case you still might be on the fence, we’ve gonna sweeten the pot a little.

An INVINCIBLE Guarantee:
Try for full 6-days,
100% Risk-free and stress-free

We’ve put in 500+ hours and a lot of effort to produce the best of the best content for you. And we want to make sure that you prove the value for yourself.

It’s simple: Take the course. Use it as you own it.

Then and only then, decide: Will you get at least one hundred times what you’re paying back in value?

If the answer is NO. Then, mail back to us at, prove you did the work, and we’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked. Because We only want you to keep it if you feel it’s an insane amount of value for your investment.

This guarantee lasts 6 days, which completely covers the course. Just try the entire course.

Are you ready to unlock your financial Power

You made it this far because you are disciplined and worked hard. You didn’t listen to get-rich-quick schemes, and you followed a proven system. 

You’ve already taken the first step towards your achieving your financial goals.

But, you’re not here to just be happy about this “one step”, you’re here to win. You’re here to prove that you have all it takes to secure your financial future.

We know how it feels when you lose money in stock markets. We’ve personally experienced these failures, not one time but 4 different times when we started.

And we don’t want you to struggle hard like we did (trust us the struggle was really hard).

That’s why we’ve created this course for you.

You’ll be getting access to all the important information, knowledge, formula, strategies, that’s needed to succeed in the stock markets.

Plus, you’ll get “Behind-the-scenes” look at our complete investing tactics:

  • How we allocate our investments.
  • What pointers we look at before investing in that company.
  • What sources we prefer for gaining experts insights on stock markets.

And all these strategies are proven and implemented by us while investing. You’ll learn nothing that is not backed up by proper logic, facts and our expertise. All the lessons are practical and close to reality.

You’ve already seen dozens of students who overcame their own doubts against stock markets and started getting results with this material.

If you trust the material, if you show your faith in us, take us as your mentor…then take some risk and start learning about investing with us NOW.

At last… it’s time for you to multiply your wealth to any level you desire… as FAST as you desire and give yourself an edge over others by touching the mark of financial security.

get started today...

Total Value


If you have any questions or concerns about the course, mail us. We’re always happy to help

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