Is this program right for me...?

Frequently Asked Questions about
Irresistible Stock Market Architecture

Q. How is Irresistible Stock Market Architecture different from other courses in the market?

Great question. It’s the only online stock market course that covers the entire process of investing, step by step along with expert mentorship. It gives you the learning environment by connecting with other investors who have just started like you. Plus, ISMA contains extraordinarily detailed material on the investor mindset, process of identifying multibaggers and so much more. You’ll also get access to over 10+ hours of exclusive video lessons, teardowns, case studies, and even exclusive webinars where we’ll clear your doubts live along with other students.

Q. Is this couse for professionals or students?

This course is for anyone who is serious about his financial future, who is ready to ditch the old ways of making wealth, who is ready to follow the proven system to achieve financial freedom by getting highly skilled in stock market investing.

I'm at a stage where I know what share to buy to achieve my financial goals...

I always had an impression that stock markets are very complicated. I would question myself if I could even understand the basics of it. But both my mentors made it so easy and simple to understand that I have started talking the financial language. Now I’m at a stage where I can proudly say that I know how to invest so that I can achieve my financial goals. I never expected that stock markets can give you such handsome returns, recently I invested in a stock and that is already 50% up within 3.5 months. Hands down Mr. Harsh Goela and Mr. Aditya Goela both helped me in turning my dreams into reality.

- Ridham Sethi

Q. Can I make a career in stock markets after completing this program?

Of course, the whole idea of investing in stock markets is making money work for you. From a full-time job with a secure income to be an entrepreneur by investing in other people’s startups, there’s a tremendous opportunity available inside the stock market arena. Plus, we help you to find a job in all the finance houses connected to us, once you become super bright to exceed in investing.

Q. How do i know if i'm ready for this course?

You’ve seen examples and case studies of other ISMA students. You’ve seen the details of the program. You may have read our material for years, or seen us on TV or conducting national seminars. You have enough information to decide. Now it’s up to you. we encourage you to look inside and decide if this is right for you. It’s natural to have doubts. We all do — the invisible scripts around stock markets often restricts us to take action. If ISMA truly isn’t for you, don’t join. We’ll part as friends with no hard feelings, and we’ll continue sending you our free emails and webinar links. But if you’re ready to break the shackles of your job, your 9-5 income and your middle-class life, ISMA will help.

Q. How do i convince my parents/husband/wife to let me buy this product?

This is an important question, since getting into stock markets is challenging, exhilarating, and new all at the same time! So you’ll want your parent/partner in your side when you start. The best way to convince them is to tell them to have a look at our Free Introductory Course where we go through the basics of stock market and tell you what an amazing opportunity this field is giving us right now. Show them how serious you’re taking this. If you make the case candidly and honestly, you’ll be able to talk through any barriers they have about you joining the course.

Q. When can i expect to starting creating income?

We can’t promise results from stock markets in a specific time frame, nobody can. And you shouldn’t trust anyone who does. Here’s why: We all begin at different levels of understanding, experience, and skill. We all have a different mindsets. It would make no sense to promise “one size fits all” results just to get you to like us. In fact, we’d rather be honest about the challenging nature of this material, which is why we added live support. If you’re dedicated, methodical, and follow the action steps, you will see results. After 2-3 years, the amount of time you would have invested will pale in comparison to the recurring reward. 

Made it easy to understand, trade and analyse the markets...

This is a fully developed and systematically drafted course by Harsh and Aditya Sir, their valuable insights made it easy for me to understand, trade and analyse the markets consciously. To be specific, I’m able to draw around 80% of the returns relying on the course.
I’ve learned the way, how emotions come into play, how to handle and neutralize myself, thereby, building a diversified portfolio from the fundamental analysis taught by Harsh Sir and the golden rules that are to be followed while trading derivatives by Aditya Sir.

- G Yashodha

Found the course so valuable that I got my Sister and brother enrolled...

This course brought a lot of executable knowledge to me, so that I can first be aware about my inflow and outflow, and then manage it optimally through investment in stock markets. I loved the course so much that I got my sisters, brother and friends enrolled. They too found it be extremely valuable.

- Divyanshu Chauhan

Q. How much time i need to put in stock markets?

Look, we