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Role Definition - Marketing Copywriter

Copywriting is the act of writing the text for the purpose of advertising or any other form of marketing. Sales are the most crucial part of the business and the same is for our organization. This is where the copywriter comes into place, there is a lot of content that goes to our prospects in text format. Here the copywriter writes our text content.

Background of Founders

Harsh Goela born on 25th Aug 1992 and Aditya Goela born on 04th Jan 1994 are brothers. Both started with a keen interest in Stock Markets from the age of 10-11, due to their father (also their Mentor) being in Stock Markets. The personal goal for both Harsh and Aditya is to be identified among the top 50 Investors in the world. Keeping this goal in mind, going to college did not seem to be the right choice as it was adding nothing to them to achieve their target. They have completed their Graduation in commerce via the School of Open Learning, DU. Further on Harsh Goela completed his MBA Banking and Finance via Symbiosis School of Distance Learning and Aditya Goela completed his CFA via CFA Institute.
Getting success in stock markets at an early age, both the brothers decided to educate and financially empower everyone in Stock Markets. Hence, Goela School of Finance LLP came into existence.

Background of Goela School of Finance LLP

Goela School of Finance LLP is an organization with an aim of “Removing the inefficiency of financial misjudgement from people’s lives” by providing an extremely high-value Stock Market Learning Program.  We started our operations on 29th Dec 2014. Where Harsh Goela and Aditya Goela together started taking stock market classes from their bedroom.
Now we educated more than 2,00,000 students of all age groups across 27 different countries, 5000+ members in our Private community.
Conducted Stock Market Sessions in 100+ Colleges, 27+ Schools, 18+ Cooperates. Names of some of the organizations we conducted sessions for NSE, BSE, Groww, HDFC Bank, Gail, IIT’s, NIIT’s, Doon School, and several more. Also mentioned in YourStory, Forbes India, and graced TedX and JoshTalk Platforms.
Adding to this we have a strong presence on Social Media with more than 3lakh followers across all Social Media platforms. {Feel free to browse through our social media handles}.
Today we are one of the fastest-growing Stock Market Communities on the internet. Completely focused on digital platforms, creating a digital brand that will bridge the gap of Financial Literacy in India.

Why are we hiring for this post?

We have a huge community, communication with them needs to be streamlined and in a proper format with engaging text. This job post will manage our text content via emails, landing pages, website, and our other platforms. Here the art of copywriting is required where the user experience gets fun, interesting, and to the point.

What do you need for this post?

  • Laptop / PC
  • Smart Mobile Phone
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Fluent Language – Hindi or English
  • Writing Ability – English

Ideal candidate for this post

If you are someone who loves the art of storytelling, taking people through an entire journey, the art of writing, finding opportunities to showcase people your skill, and having a full-hearted commitment to our organization. You are that person we are looking for.

Here is the required skillset:

  • Writing Skills: Things like spelling, punctuation, and grammar should be your strong skill.
  • Empathy: Place yourself as the user, consider the objections reader would have, his motivation points, what will benefit that user, and explore d/f things to identify his true need and desire.
  • Creativity: There is no rule in copywriting. Try d/f ideas and unleash your creative side.
  • Stamina: Writing takes a lot of patience and intervention.
  • Research: Think for your audience what are their needs and deep desires. Why do they require our product, what sparks their need? Study competition, explore what people are doing in the markets.
  • SEO: Understanding what do people search for, what keywords and phrases to be used will help to rank better in Google Search.
  • Ethics: We practice a high ethical standard. No matter the situation, we have to be sure that we are not miscuing the readers.

What will you do?

  • Research – A very important process. Where you study the people’s true desires and need. Needs of different people with different backgrounds. Analyze our competitors and use keywords and phrases to rank us up in Google Search.
  • Creating Compelling Emails – Reading emails are boring, you will have to make emails in exciting and engaging text. Where they are excited by the subject line, read the entire mail, and wait for your next email.
  • Customer Journey – Every customer has a journey, where they have different notions and slowly and steadily, they try our services and then buy them. You will design customer journeys for different people from different backgrounds.
  • Campaign – You will manage several campaigns like email campaigns, ad campaigns, promotion campaigns, etc
  • A/B Testing of New Campaign – We will constantly try out new campaigns and AB test them to see what is working and what is not. We love experimentation.
  • Manage Platform: For managing all these campaigns we have dedicated online platforms and tools. You will manage them and the data derived from them will tell us if a campaign is successful or not.
  • Pages and Titles – You will also create content for our web pages, landing pages, YouTube title and description, thumbnail, etc.
  • Follow and Believe Culture – Our mission is to “Remove inefficiency of financial misjudgment from people’s lives”. Every decision we take is keeping our mission at priority.
  • Weekly Strategic and Tactical Meeting – Meeting with the entire team on weekly basis. Timings of which will be mentioned to you in advance. Meeting Strictly starts and ends on time. Discuss your progress, team progress, and strategy making.
  • Team Culture – We are a team, like a football team. No one is bigger than the team, all of us work together, if you are unavailable due to an emergency then our team member will happily cover for you, you need to do the same.

Why should you join us?

We are going to unleash your Entrepreneurial spirit. Your ideas and vision are expected to take our company to the next level and achieve our mission. We will give you a platform to showcase your skills, experiment, implement all your crazy ideas. Hence, we are completely decentralized, flexible, fully delegated work and flexible work hours. Work from home option is available if not specified otherwise.
For us growth is happiness and we want the same happiness in our professional and personal life, as we will align your goals to our organization’s goals so that we achieve them together.
Personal guidance by Harsh and Aditya Goela, be it for your investments or anything you want to seek guidance in.
Full exposure to the creator ecosystem, start-up culture, and unbelievable networking are going to set you up for all your future goals.
Further, we will invest in your learnings – courses to upgrade your skill will be at our cost with several other benefits.



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