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Budget 2023

This week had been arguably one of the best weeks for this year, as we had

  • Budget 2023 announcement, which was one of the best in the past couple of years! 😀
  • A great learning curve for the new investors and traders – Adani grilling traders with relentless swings and Dixon Technologies testing the patience of investors. 😬

So let’s dive in and learn more! 🌊📙

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What sensational did you miss this week?

  • Adani Group losses exceeded more than $100 billion till 2nd February, with Adani Total Gas and Adani Green being the biggest losers.

  • Poor Q3 results and FY23 guidance cut has impacted Dixon Technologies as it slumped by 20%+.
  • Rice Export prices have made an all-time high since Apr 2021, due to tight supply and elevated peer rates.
  • Fall in the Insurance stocks due to a major change in the Tax regime in Budget 2023.
  • Pakistani Rupee crashes to a 20-year low after the government relaxed its grip on the currency to secure loans from International Monetary Fund.

What can you learn from this?

  • Continuing our research on Adani Group from the last week, analyze the financial sheets of Adani Total Gas (Vs. Rest of Adani Group stocks and peers from the Gas Distribution Sector) and Adani Green (Vs. Rest of Adani Group stocks and peers from the Power Generation and Distribution Sector). We bet you’ll come to mind-blowing conclusions! 🤯

  • Dixon, (A fundamentally sound company in our opinion) has reported a steep sales drop of 38% in their recent quarterly earnings to the past one and 32% lesser profits (QoQ); which has resulted in a sharp correction of around 20% making rookie investors panic. Fall in the price of open cell, lowered revenue guidance and Diwali falling in the previous quarter were the major reasons for correction.
    PS: It has gone into the oversold zone, so a good buy signal for positional trade is incoming!!! 💰

  • With the Indian Govt. making the highest record purchases of unmilled rice from farmers, private players’ export might be impacted. A sectoral analysis will portray a better picture as a fresh market cycle could be discovered. 🔁🎁

  • Stocks of Life Insurance providers have fallen up to 11% owing to govt. announcement of limiting income tax exemption. As per the new rules, an individual will be paying tax on the maturity amount of life insurance policies having an aggregate annual premium of more than ₹ 5 Lakhs. 📉

  • The fall in the Pakistani Rupee is an outcome of foreign exchange companies removing the limit on the dollar-rupee rate w.e.f. Jan 25 in a bid to allow the local currency to drop slowly in the open market. With the country paralyzed by the balance of payment crisis, it is left with less than three weeks’ worth of import cover in its foreign exchange reserves. This time, IMF also has backed out from help. 🤒

Video in Focus!

  • In case you’ve missed why Budget 2023 has been one the best in the past few years, click here

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Key Budget Highlights

Here are a few major announcements for the Budget 2023:

  1. Relief to taxpayers: Income limit for the rebate of Income Tax now ₹ 7 Lakhs, new tax slabs as default.

  2. ₹ 10 Lakh Crores to be put into the development of new roads, bridges, ports etc. (Capital Expenditure).

  3. Largest historical allocations to Ministry Education, Health and Family Welfare, Indian Railways.

  4. New schemes launched by Govt- MISHTI (for mangrove plantation in coastal areas), PRANAM (goal of reduction of usage of chemical fertilizers), and SAPTRISHI.  

  5. A new investment instrument – Mahila Samman Saving Certificate, which offers a deposit of up to ₹ 2 Lakhs in the name of a woman or girl child, for a tenure of 2 years, at a fixed Interest Rate of 7.5%, with partial withdrawal available. (Must read for our subscribers who just have become parents).

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In an instrument which has hit the lower circuit,

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  3. Only buyers are present and further sell orders cannot be executed

  4. Only sellers are present and further sell orders cannot be execute

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Word of the week

Liquidity: How quickly an instrument can be converted into cash is its liquidity. If the liquidity of the instrument is high, then a person can easily exit the trade/investment that had been made. It must be high.