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The uptrend

Since this budget 💵 has been one amongst the finest 👌🏽 in our opinion, we have decided to make this and the next two Special Issues 💥. Let’s start preparing to transform the upcoming financial year into one of the most profitable ones by making the right decisions.


So take your first correct ✅ step by diving deeply into this Issue and comprehending Fundamental and Sectoral Analysis 📖 !

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What sensational did you missed this week?

  • India’s non-life insurance industry  which comprises auto insurance, general insurance, etc. reported ₹ 25,542 Cr revenue in Jan 2023, the highest ever. Revenue rose 19% vs Jan 2022: General Insurance Council.

  • Monetary Policy 2023: RBI hiked the Repo Rate, the real GDP growth is estimated to be at 7% in 2023-23 and inflation is expected to roll above the 4% target.

  • India’s steel exports fell 52.2% to 53.3 lakh tonnes between April and Jan.

What can you learn from this?

Repo Rate: Interest rate charged by RBI on commercial bank borrowings
Reverse Repo Rate: Interest rate paid by RBI on commercial bank deposits

An increase in the Repo rate makes the banks and NBFCs pay more and this trickles down to the customer in the form of increased loan interest and fixed deposit rates. A fall in the repo rate supplements through increased economic activity.


Sectoral Analysis of Insurance sector companies and Steel companies should be carried out.

Video in Focus!

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Market Outlook this coming week!

Nifty50 : This Week

Special Issue!

Sectoral Analysis: Pipe Industry

The pipe industry is a better place for future!

Jal Jeevan Mission allocation in the union budget witnessed a growth of 17% to ₹ 700bn to achieve piped water supply for households in India. This will be beneficiary for plastic pipe manufacturers like Supreme Industries, Astral, Prince Pipes and Finolex Industries.

But which company is best placed?

If you compare the financial performance of all four companies. Supreme Industries is the best placed among all the other four. Supreme Industries has the highest ROE and ROCE and the lowest debt in the segment.

For FY23, Supreme Industries has planned a CapEx of about ₹ 700 Cr. The CapEx has been funded from internal accruals. This will upgrade the manufacturing facility by 15% YoY to 8.3 lakh tonnes.
Moreover, the management has also guided for more than 25% YoY blended volume growth, a revenue of ₹ 9000 Cr and margins of 12.5% in FY23.
Fundamentally the company is strong!

Technical Analysis:

The company is on the verge of breaking the resistance. One can buy if it breaks the resistance and retests.

Key Budget Highlights

Here are a few major announcements for the Budget 2023:

  1. Relief to taxpayers: Income limit for the rebate of Income Tax now ₹ 7 Lakhs, new tax slabs as default.

  2. ₹ 10 Lakh Crores to be put into the development of new roads, bridges, ports etc. (Capital Expenditure).

  3. Largest historical allocations to Ministry Education, Health and Family Welfare, Indian Railways.

  4. New schemes launched by Govt- MISHTI (for mangrove plantation in coastal areas), PRANAM (goal of reduction of usage of chemical fertilizers), and SAPTRISHI.  

  5. A new investment instrument – Mahila Samman Saving Certificate, which offers a deposit of up to ₹ 2 Lakhs in the name of a woman or girl child, for a tenure of 2 years, at a fixed Interest Rate of 7.5%, with partial withdrawal available. (Must read for our subscribers who just have become parents).

Some exciting research coming up in the next issue…

Question of the Week #3

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Which among the following is the world’s largest derivative exchange?

  1. BSE

  2. B3

  3. NSE

  4. NASDAQ 

Answer to Quiz  Week #2 is 4

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Word of the week

CapEx: CapEx or Capital expenditure, means the amount utilised by an organization, firm or nation to upgrade its assets, or maintain or purchase physical assets. In simple words funds are used by the company to set up new plants, and install or maintain machinery, equipment or technology. For a nation, these assets are buildings, roads, railways, defence, metro, housing etc.


You ask, we deliver...

We have started this section specially for you, just to cater to your requirements!


This week: Devansh

Topic: Fundamental Analysis of EID Parry


After Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd., it is the second largest shareholder in the sector as per market cap and has expertise and experience in catering to customized needs.


Market Cap Segmentation of Sugar Sector                                                                           


Source: Trendlyne.com


Fundamental Analysis:

  • ROCE past 5 years > 14%.2. (14.2% is Annual CAGR return of Nifty50 from 30.06.99 – 15.12-21).

  • Free Cash Flow is present for the last 5 years.

  • The company has limited debt and repaid it consistently in the last 5 years to reduce the interest.

  • Promoter Holding is good, with Promoter shareholding greater than the public.

  • Stock PE < Segment PE and below 200 MA, thus undervalued.

  • The EPS trend is a little inconsistent but has positive values througout.

Verdict: Fundamentally sound company

Should you buy: Not now, as it is under correction, but soon when it rises.  

PS: We don’t recommend to buying/selling, this is only to be used for research purposes.