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The biggest problem that most beginners face in stock markets is that they are unclear from where to learn, what to learn and whether what they have learnt is correct. Element of doubt affects the decision making as people are never confident about their buy or sell orders and always hesitant to invest or trade. With knowledge of stock markets, it is necessary to acquire the skill, discipline, and courage to invest in the stock markets. Hence, going ahead with the steps that one can take in their beginning journey in stock markets to have confidence in their decision of investing or trading in equity will be discussed.
One of the best steps that one can take if they are a beginner, is to find a mentor who can guide and direct about dos and don’ts in stock markets. Having a mentor by your side provides a head start as one can be saved by making many mistakes which they would have made otherwise. The mentor also tracks one’s progress in stock markets and gives personalised suggestions and tips according to one’s performance. The most difficult part is that where to find a mentor who has good experience in stock markets and devotes their precious time and energy in looking into their progress. The easiest way to find such a mentor is to enrol into good stock market courses for beginners.
Good stock market courses do not only give knowledge based on pre-recorded videos, but also help one to start investing or trading with discipline and courage. The students of such courses are always in touch with their mentors and support team. If the students need any help, they give personalised knowledge based on student’s requirements and track their progress in stock markets. But are there actually any stock market courses for beginners which give all these benefits at a single place. Yes, there is.

The course is Irresistible Stock Market Architecture Programme 2.0 (ISMA 2.0) by Goela School of Finance. ISMA 2.0 covers a wide range of topics including stock market fundamental analysis, stock market technical analysis, behavioural finance, money management, understanding financial sheets, investing, and trading strategies and much more. It also gives access to a lot of tools which will help in investing or trading.

The mentors have 12+ years of experience and are easily accessible through emails. They handheld their mentees through their entire journey in stock markets in the beginning by keeping a close watch on their mentees and making them apply the strategies. There are LIVE sessions conducted every twice a month so that mentees can clear their doubts. Also, these live sessions should include some insights about current market scenario (maybe, what happened in the markets in the entire week) so that students can learn about the market sentiment better. Along with all these, people who enrol in this course get access to the Exclusive GSF Community where they can interact and learn together with like-minded people. Group doubt sessions are also held weekly, so that people can learn in groups and don’t feel that their questions are too naïve.

1.Fundamental Analysis Course Of Stocks:

2.Technical Analysis Of Stocks

3. Macro-Economic Analysis And Its Impact On The Stock Market.

4. Behavioral Finance

5. Mentorship, etc..,