We Train Regular People To Design A Life They Dream About Through Stock Markets...So That They Can Spend Their Time, Money And Energy In A More Meaningful Way


Our Story

We identified our interests towards Financial markets at an early age. Not following the formal education system, we had an edge to dwell right into our passion. We have undertaken several recognized courses and many types of certification in financial markets with over 8 years of experience. This gave us the expertise and confidence to work as Independent Fund managers where we were handling portfolios of HNI’s.

Soon we realized the lack of Financial literacy and awareness towards Stock Markets. This was one of the key challenges our Indian society faces. Achieving financial independence within just three years of graduation and a zeal to help others achieve the same. We have made it our mission to spread financial knowledge to as many people as possible by means of seminars and webinars.

Our Guiding Principles

"We believe that every human on this planet deserves to be financially free so they can invest their time, energy and money on things that matter"

“This is our way to do social work by spreading financial literacy among as many people as possible” 

What Motivates us?

From losing a lot of money to founding Goela School Of Finance, we explored TWO valuable lessons that most people learn late in their life:

  1. Whether you’re a student or a 9-5 employee you need to understand how the financial system works.
  2. You don’t need to retire to live the life you always dream about.

Unfortunately, we see most of the college freshers struggle in this competitive world. Only because institutions are not educating or preparing them for success. Similar is the case with people working 9-5, indulging in side hustles. So they save enough money for retirement to live a life they dream about. Sad to see this but yet, it’s true. That’s when we decided to shift our focus from purpose-less business to a real MISSION. To solve this financial literacy problem.

We believe that every human on this planet deserves to be financially free so they invest their energy, time and money on things that matter.

Yes, this is a big statement.
Yes, we know we can’t change every human.
And yes, we do realize that most don’t want to change, but we can help those who do…

Those who don’t want to lead an average life and who are willing to take conscious efforts to change their financial future. No matter how difficult it is, no matter how much time it takes. We will continue to spread financial awareness and guide people towards the right way to achieve their financial goals.

founders and trainers

Harsh Goela, MBA, Tedx Speaker, JoshTalk Speaker

Harsh is an expert in Fundamental Analysis, Economics, Behavioral Economics and a stellar Motivational Speaker. Trained under several experts and with a empirical experience in Stock Markets of more than eight years. Equipped with an in-depth view of Financial Markets, Financial Instruments and alternative investments like Real Estate, Commodities, Currency etc. As a Motivational Speaker, won several awards and reaching Top Eight Motivational Speakers in India at the age of twenty one.

Aditya Goela, CFA, JoshTalk Speaker

Aditya is an expert in Technical Analysis, Statistics, Money Management and is a Keynote Speaker. Achieved the title of being one of the youngest CFA in India. He has worked and studied under several experts, additionally with a rich experience of seven years in Stock Markets. Preaches and teaches income generation in Stock Markets via Short Term Trade and Derivatives. Managing and advising several portfolios for the same.

I'm at a stage where I know what share to buy to achieve my financial goals...

I always had an impression that stock markets are very complicated. I would question myself if I could even understand the basics of it. But both my mentors made it so easy and simple to understand that I have started talking the financial language. Now I’m at a stage where I can proudly say that I know how to invest so that I can achieve my financial goals. I never expected that stock markets can give you such handsome returns, recently I invested in a stock and that is already 50% up within 3.5 months. Hands down Mr. Harsh Goela and Mr. Aditya Goela both helped me in turning my dreams into reality.

- Ridham Sethi

This course gave me the confidence to start trading...

I had seen one of Harsh’s Ted Talk, where he talks about why India hasn’t been able to create companies like Apple. That talk itself was enough for me to realize that Harsh and Aditya were the mentors I was looking. This course gave me the confidence to go ahead and start trading. Everything shown in the class focused on practical application, which enhanced my confidence, to start trading. I have been able to get 6-8% returns on a monthly basis by rigorously following the tips and tricks taught during the course.

- Vineet Maurya (IIM-Ahmedabad Alumnus)

clarity about how to study a company before investing...

This course was one of the finest courses I ever took in my life. I mean when it comes to learning about money, you tend to enjoy it. This course not only changed my perceptions about investing, but it raised my awareness about growing money to a great extent. Then the clarity about how to study a company before investing, how to use different methods to buy and sell in stocks looking at the graph, how to identify my financial needs and prepare accordingly, were some of the very important aspects learned. Throughout the course there wasn’t any obstacle. I took his Free Session, and after that, I enrolled for the course. There was no hassle.

- Manish Jaiswal

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