How we took our first steps in stock markets

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how we Obtained basic understanding of finance

While we officially started investing and trading in 2010, our real training started much before. This was when we were 10 -12 years old and it took place in our own house. Before going ahead we want to mention the most important reason for both of us being at this stage at such young age. The reason was our father, who is a CA and very passionate about stock markets. He used to tell us about what is stock markets and how does it work, taking us to the stock broker’s office, showing us charts, making us a part of investor and trader groups having real conversations. We didn’t understand it back then, but these small events were creating a solid foundation for our futures.


Hearing and learning about stock markets even before we knew algebra gave us an edge over others. We noticed that the knowledge we had possessed by the age of 15-17 years was something which no one else had in our age. That made us take the decision to become full-time stock market investors and traders (just like our father). We decided not to go to college as it had nothing to offer in our interest i.e. stock markets. Therefore we took the road not taken and decided not to go to college at all and use that time to gain invaluable skills of investing and trading. We went through several ups and downs which taught us numerous lessons, we took multiple stock market courses under stock market experts for guidance to enhance our skills, we worked under a renowned portfolio manager and in a bank. All this, along with reading several books, we came very close to the stock markets, which most people don’t. And finally, in 2013 we had got our first multibagger (more than 100% returns from a stock).

As we moved further, Harsh attained his MBA and Aditya became a CFA and we started getting invitations from academic institutions and corporates to share our knowledge through seminars. We were invited to speak in the prestigious platform of TEDx and have spoken in Gail, Doon School, FMS, IIT’s, NIIT’s, Shri Shri University, and the list goes on.

Slowly and steadily, teaching became our biggest success as it gave us the satisfaction and joy of sharing our knowledge with others. Mind you, this satisfaction is much higher than the joy of earning profits. In 2014, we established Goela School of Finance LLP. An educational institution that specialises in stock market courses. By leveraging technology alongside skills in investing backed up by 10+ years of experience. We have created 100% practical and complete stock market courses which will help anyone to create wealth and income from stock markets. These courses are made in such a way that forces the student to take action and walk towards the path of financial independence. Last but not the least, our father who is a CA with 35 years of experience in stock market investing and trading, is there with us to ensure we give our students the best that he has learned throughout his journey. And here we are to share our knowledge as your mentors. We look forward to you attending our webinar and courses. See you 🙂
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Meet the Mentors

harsh goela

Harsh Goela, MBA

MBA, Tedx Speaker, Josh Talks Speaker

Harsh is an expert in Fundamental Analysis, Economics, Behavioral Economics, and a stellar Motivational Speaker. Trained under several experts and with empirical experience in Stock Markets of more than eight years. Equipped with an in-depth view of Financial Markets, Financial Instruments, and alternative investments like Real Estate, Commodities, Currency, etc. As a Motivational Speaker, won several awards and reached the Top Eight Motivational Speakers in India at the age of twenty-one.

Aditya Goela

Aditya Goela, CFA

CFA, Josh Talks Speaker
Aditya is an expert in Technical Analysis, Statistics, Money Management and is a Keynote Speaker. Achieved the title of being one of the youngest CFA in India. He has worked and studied under several experts, additionally with a rich experience of seven years in Stock Markets. Preaches and teaches income generation in Stock Markets via Short Term Trade and Derivatives. Managing and advising several portfolios for the same.