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Aditya Goela, CFA

Why should you invest in Stocks?

Do you believe that saving money in your bank account can increase your wealth? If you think this, you should start reconsidering your thoughts. Bank

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Aditya Goela, CFA

2020: What did it cost?

This year was a topsy-turvy roller coaster ride, where economy and stock markets had biblical gaps. Thousands of people lost their money on tips from

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Charts don’t lie.

Aditya Goela Technical Analyst   “Corporate fundamentals, news, future prospects, rumors, investor perceptions, investor psychology,  financial results, corporate guidance, and so on, all is discounted

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America’s Big Gamble

Written by: Harsh Goela We all know  that Donald Trump has been elected  as President  by the   people of America who were dissatisfied  with the

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The Angry World

Written by: Adiya goela 14.12.2016 Over the last 10 years the world has not seen growth in individual or corporate earnings and  in fact  staring

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What is Stock Market?

We wont start by telling you about the history and ridiculously long definitions, in fact we will explain with the help of an example. Lets

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Stock Market Participants

Lets have a look at the main participants in the stock market: Stock Exchange: You must have all heard of NSE (National Stock Exchange) and

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