Best Stock Market Courses in India

Best Stock Market Courses in India

Do you know that the stock market gives a Compounded annual growth return (CAGR) of 15-17% in 10 years? This return beats the return that one gets by investing in fixed deposit, gold or even real estate!

The comparatively lavish returns offered by stock markets attract many novice wannabe investors towards it. But is it really all shimmery and glittery? It may not be, but it definitely can be. And if you are thinking how? Let me tell you with the right temperament, skill, and knowledge nobody can stop you from making fortunes in the stock market. But how many have this Golden Mixture – a mixture of the right temperament, skill, and proper knowledge, as I would call it in the rest of the article? Maybe, only 5%. Because out of every 100 people who come into the markets, only 5 stay and are able to profit from it. Many others get wiped off.
But you need not worry. Because you will find in this article how to get started on acquiring the Golden mixture needed to make profits in the stock market.

DISCLAIMER – There are no fixed steps that you need to follow. But I find these the easiest to get started with.

TRACK – Observe the markets for at least 6-8 months. Track market indices movements, and specific stock movements and try to know the reason behind large fluctuations, track news related to Indian companies, global cues, and other stock market-related news.

RESEARCH – Slowly and slowly, start looking for good companies, and research their fundamentals like shareholding pattern, market share, financials, capital allocation, and management’s quality.

DECIDE – Start making decisions, but remember only if you have acquired the right knowledge. Keep your risk appetite in mind, and at first, but that much money which you are comfortable losing. Even if you lose all, it must not affect your financial or emotional well-being.

TAKE UP A GOOD STOCK MARKET COURSE – After following the aforementioned steps, you must have already got a taste of the Golden mixture. But, to even get more flavor of this mixture you must definitely enroll in a stock market course that suits your requirements. Good stock market courses do not only give you the knowledge and leave you at the entrance gate of stock market but actually handheld you through your journey inside this entrance till that point that they are sure you can manage your risk and reward properly.

Best stock market courses in India

We have made the task even easier for you. Now, you do not need to invest more time in searching for stock market courses or being confused about which one is the best, as we present to you one of the best stock market courses in India – ISMA 2.0(Irresistible Stock Market Architecture Program). ISMA 2.0 is a comprehensive mentorship and training program in stock markets for Technical and Fundamental analysis and Behavioural finance. This course will teach you the A-Z of investing and trading. You even get access to the Exclusive GSF Community, a LIVE training meetup twice a month, access to a lot of tools, and great mentors who will handhold you through this journey of stock markets.
ISMA 2.0