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Harsh & Aditya Goela

We aim to make India financially literate with special focus on creating sustainable profits from stock markets.

Our journey started early in 2010, when we decided not to go to college and fully focus in investing and trading in stock markets. Mentored by our stock market gurus and have read several books, we have come much closer to stock markets than most. We’ve covered more than 90 colleges and financially educated over 2 lakh Indians. In 2014, we had established Goela School of Finance LLP, specialised in stock market courses with personalised mentorship to make sure every student gets the intended results.

“I enrolled in their stock market course. TRUST ME they are amazing, those speeches, theories, analysis and the system you get via this course is immense. Tbh this course is totally UNDERRATED!!”

Dr. Nithin Naik

Specially Curated Stock Market Courses

4.8 Average Rating
12,000+ students enrolled

Irresistible Stock Market Architecture

The most concise and complete stock market course. An all-in-one proven program that walks you through each and every step of stock market investing and trading.

  •  Rock-solid path to attain financial independence through stock markets
  • Learn A – Z of stock market investing and trading, which enable you to start smart and create huge wealth.
  • A complete mentorship program where we will handhold you throughout

4.7 Average Rating
60,000+ students enrolled

Stock Market - No Number Game

A 3-hour intense EXCLUSIVE session where we learn the secrets of understanding the market psychology to unlock huge profit potential from stocks
  • Powerful stock market cycles which can boost your returns
  •  Unlock the investor and trader mindset so that you stay one step ahead of others
  • Real life case studies so that you can understand the secret of stock markets and not repeat other people’s mistakes (this has saved more than lakhs of rupees)

4.6 Average Rating
4,50,000+ attendees

Stock Selection Webinar Masterclass

Uncover the 5-step filtration process to choose winning stocks for stock market investments and trades. Even if you’re a beginner.

  • Discover the best companies to invest and trade in
  • Easy actionable way to start profitable investing and trading right now 
  • 100% Practical approach which uncovers the reality of stock market investments and trades

4 Required Ingredients For Profitable Stock Market Investing

Every successful investor or trader needs the above 4 ingredients. Our stock market course and learning programs are focused to make sure all 4 are met. Our mentorship program is designed to make sure you achieve all the above. 

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TEDx Talk

This video holds the record for the most viewed TEDx Talk on stock markets. It’s about our journey of stock markets along with the pains and joy we went through.

Our Joshtalks

On Stock Markets

You will learn the 5 steps to create and setup your own successful online business, using the knowledge learned from our stock market courses.

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Our aim is to financially empower each and every citizen of India. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn the correct techniques for stock market investments and trades in the easiest manner. Our content is fully focused on everything around stock markets.

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Simple language that even a 10-year-old kid can understand the full stock market course

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Powered by a learning execution system where you implement the stock market investment and trading strategies alongside

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Lifetime Support

If you need any help in future, we and our team of mentors will be there beside you

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We have a collective experience of more than 40 years in Stock Markets.

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With a community of like-minded people, you're never alone in the journey of becoming financially strong.

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