Frequently Asked Questions about
Irresistible Stock Market Architecture

Q. What do we teach in ISMA 2.0?

We describe our course in the following manner:

  1. Starting with the Portfolio Management module, we focus on goal planning and converting the same goal into a SIP plan. Remember a goal without a plan for its achievement is just a dream, and dreams may and may not get complete.

  2. We move onto the Behavioral Finance module in which we explain the most common mistakes that people, (usually retail) do, and how to avoid them. We also explain you market cycles in terms of emotions to you.

  3. We start with the Fundamental Analysis; tell you how to analyze financial sheets, what ratios really mean, what a good company means. Then we tell you about a system which we have developed for Fundamental Analysis which will make investment stock selection easier for you. And yes, we also tell you the different processes when to buy that good stock.

  4. Then we cover the most interesting part, which is the Technical Analysis, where we tell you multiple strategies for doing Intraday, Swing and Positional. We also had taken some implementation sessions (now recorded in The Vault Office Hours Module) which will make things easier for you.

  5. Lastly we end our main module with 3 fully executable Action plans, from which you have to choose one that suits you and you start working as per that.
There are separate modules for Gold, FnO, Book Learning and Book Keeping too.

Q. Is there an EMI payment option available for the course?

If you have a credit card, you can choose the EMI plan. We currently don’t offer the EMI plan on Debit cards or a custom plan.

Q. I want to learn only a specific portion of markets from you. Is it possible?

Apologies, but we provide only the complete course.

Q. What do we teach in FnO?

We teach the basic FnO in our course, not fancy high risk strategies. Our strategies are the ones which were used to create a proper income from stock markets, when Options were started. The strategies we have taught in Equities are equally applicable to Futures, with some constraints. If you’re looking only for an FnO specific course, this course is not the one for you.

Q. Do we also teach Forex, Commodities and Crypto?

The strategies that we teach are equally applicable to other markets, but we don’t specialize in them.

Q. What is the validity of the program?

The course videos are available to you for either 3 or 6 months, depending upon the plan you choose. If you need some extra validity, please let us know in the start only, so a custom plan can be created. After expiry of the validity, you’ll have to choose the best suited paid extension plan for yourself.

Q. What is Support in ISMA?

Your doubts that may arise in this self-learning course are to be taken by the support team. You get priority email support as you’re a part of our community. We have chosen emails as this is a very effective way to pass on pre-verified information. So all you have to do is reach out on the email. If the team feels the need, they will take a call or a session for resolution of the problem

Q. What mentorship means in ISMA?

If you’re unsatisfied with the answers after multiple emails, then the query will be escalated to other mentors by the team on their decision. Mentors also come into the picture when you’re facing issues in the implementation of the action plan or are facing any personal issue. Goals can also be discussed with them. Remember, the calls are scheduled by the team and on a priority basis.

"Irresistible Stock Market Architecture 2.0"

ISMA 2.0

14499 Incl. GST
  • Master Sessions - 3 Months ISMA 2.0 8 Bonuses
  • Mentorship Program - 12 Months : Expert Guidance, LIVE Sessions, LIVE Sessions Recording, Community Access, Support Desk
  • ISMA System
  • Free Future Updates


15598 Incl. GST
  • Master Sessions - 6 Months ISMA 2.0 8 Bonuses
  • Mentorship Program - 18 Months
    Expert Guidance LIVE Sessions LIVE Sessions Recording Community Access Support Desk
  • ISMA System
  • Free Future Updates
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