Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Importance of Capital and How to Multiply Your Capital

Importance of Capital

Everyone in the world wishes that their money gets multiplied, perpetually. No one in this world would want their capital or invested money to decline even a penny. Right? Fortunately, there are powerful ways to grow more money that doesn’t involve winning in the lottery or through get-rich-quick schemes. Here are our 4 pillars for expanding capital and growing more money are:

1st Pillar: Cash Creation.

Cash Creation

Cash creation means creating more money. One should create money so that, it can in turn create more. By learning skills with investments of time and small amounts, one gains expertise in that skill. With delivery of these skills and services to an employer, employees generate money with income. Few skills like copywriting, high-ticket sales, etc., are considered as high-income skills which enables them to create a substantial income.
Quick Solution:
Build a business around your skill. For example, if you’re pretty much skilled at stock markets, then you should try to teach more people about stock markets by setting up your own Online Stock Market Institute.

2nd Pillar: Cash Capture

Cash Capture

One should figure out sustainable money management strategies. These will create more assets and is the key for money creation through passive income opportunities. Allocating capital effectively helps in safeguarding the capital from wealth destroyers like tax, inflation, etc. A few incredible ways for capital expansion are as follows:

1- Start Investing in stock markets

If one really wants to increase their capital, then investing in the Indian Stock Markets is one of the best ways to multiply their capital over the long term. It is also the finest asset for long term wealth creation. Nifty50, one of the Indian indices, has given an impeccable return of 1950% since 2000 over this period.
The best time to start investing for the long term is “today”. This is because, the best things should never be delayed. One can always learn a lot from them. The sooner one starts investing, lesser they need to invest to create wealth using the power of compounding.
Stock markets are risky, and one can even lose their money if is not invested wisely. Hence, igniting and expanding own’s stock market knowledge base with the Best Stock Market Institute in India will be the best advice. Goela School of Finance is one of the terrific Online Stock Market Institutes in India that always handholds you in each step of your stock market journey with its unique mentorship feature.

2- Real Estate

Real Estate remains to be the most popular way in India to multiply capital. It helps in diversifying the investments and thus helping in mitigating the risks. One can either own small multiple lands, or apartments, or can manage a big property to get a passive income in the form of rent. Now one can also invest through REITs with small amounts since all other investments in this segment require significantly large capital.
Note: Beware of many crowdfunding real-estate websites.
Fact: When it comes to real estate, you cannot buy and sell whenever required. Also, it is important to make sure that you are not scammed either by the broker or by the land.

3- Clear Your Debts

Repay and kill the debts leads to creating more money. You might wonder how? By clearing their debts, one will slowly have small positive cashflow to utilize. “Paying Off Debt Vs Investing”, which should come first, is an age-old debated topic. But, keeping this debate aside, repaying the debt is indeed a very advantageous way of multiplying your money.
Fun Fact: If you notice while selecting stocks based on Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Stocks, in Indian Stock markets, we choose companies with low debt. The same must be applied in life. Debt/Equity is one of the major ratios that is taken into consideration while doing a Fundamental Analysis of Stocks. Just like we opt-in to invest in companies with low debt, we should as well opt-in to clear off the debt to create a hassle-free way for wealth creation.

4- Investing in your skill

“Learning gives you a lifelong currency”.
Gaining Knowledge and upskilling is a life-long process. Investing in developing and expanding their skill set is the best way to earn. From a popular quotation, it is recommended to learn first, then only the “L” can be removed to start earning. Below are a few main reasons why one should invest in themselves:

  1. Learning boosts abilities, thereby boosting confidence and self-esteem.
  2. It opens doors to new opportunities.
  3. It helps in building a more powerful, like-minded network.
  4. Learning keeps the mind healthy and helps in achieving a growth mindset.
  5. Increases resilience to face life’s adversities and inevitable challenges.
  6. Education is one tool that helps in setting up clearer practical ways in achieving the goals.

We accept, that learning sometimes could be a snooze fest. To overcome that, one should learn skills in their area of interest. Say, if one is very much inclined to stock markets, then they should start learning about stock markets from free resources first. Then they should switch to Best Online Stock Market Institute in Delhi. The reason behind this is the fact that one can learn from others experience and not lose much. With consistent motivation, these mentors guide the student on the right path and push to achieve their goal.

Pillar 3: Cash Flow Creation

Cash Flow Creation

The third important pillar is cash-flow creation. With the extra capital generated through multiple ways of cash capture, one can invest in the “cash-capture” process again.

• The mode of investment methods (mentioned above, like stock markets, real estate, etc.,) one chooses will largely aid in increasing the “flow” in “cash flow.”
• It is best recommended to choose asset class like investing in stock markets or other options based on their risk appetite, age, etc.

Interesting Fact: Cash flow creation if managed effectively can be a game changer, wherein one doesn’t depend on their business/job to put food on table. It ultimately provides with a sense of true financial freedom.

Pillar 4: Cash Control

Cash Control

This is the 4th stage, wherein one goes to protect the cashflow and income created in all the 3 pillars. Adapting tax strategies, insurance planning, etc., are some of the ways to protect generated money.


Wealth creation is something that most people dream of and aspire to. But they assume it as impossible or difficult to achieve. But, with the right financial habits, monetary discipline, and constant hard work coupled with smart work, achieving the impossible becomes possible.

Our blogs are made for educational purposes only, and we do not provide investment recommendations. We are not SEBI-registered advisors and do not accept cryptocurrency payments. We present publicly available facts and data, not favoring any company.

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