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Table of Contents

Yes Bank Q4 Results 2024 Analysis: A Simplified Guide

Yes Bank Q4 Results 2024 Analysis


Welcome to our friendly guide on the Yes Bank Q4 Results 2024 Analysis! Today, we’ll dive into what these numbers mean and why they matter, even if you’re just beginning to learn about finance. Our aim is to make this as easy to understand as possible, so whether you’re eight or eighty, you’ll find something valuable here!

What is Yes Bank?

Yes Bank is one of India’s prominent banks, offering various services like investment banking, retail banking, corporate banking, and more. It handles money for both individuals and companies, helping with savings, loans, and investment management.

Why Quarterly Results Matter

Banks report their performance every three months, which is known as quarterly results. These reports are important because they tell us how well the bank is doing, which can affect people’s decisions to invest in the bank or trust it with their money.

Yes Bank Q4 Results 2024 Analysis: Key Points

Improved Profitability

In the fourth quarter of 2024, Yes Bank made a significant profit of 452 crores, which is a 123% increase compared to 202 crores in the same period the previous year. This jump in profit is one of the most critical parts of our Yes Bank Q4 Results 2024 Analysis. It sounds like great news, but let’s look deeper to understand the details behind these numbers.

Decoding Profit Gains

The sharp rise in profits seems impressive, but it’s important to check the details. Yes Bank reduced the money set aside for bad loans (provisions), which made their profits appear higher. While this can be good for short-term results, it might pose risks if many people cannot pay back their loans later.

Asset Quality

Asset quality refers to how likely the bank is to get back the money it lends. Improved asset quality is a good sign, showing the bank is making safer loans. Yes Bank’s bad loans, or non-performing assets (NPAs), decreased from 2.2% to 1.7%, indicating better management of loan risks.

Growth in Deposits

Deposits grew to 2,66,372 crores, a 22.5% increase from the previous year. More deposits mean more people and businesses trust Yes Bank with their money, which is crucial for the bank’s health and growth.

Understanding Banking Terms

What are Provisions?

Provisions in banking are funds set aside to cover potential future losses on loans people might not repay. It’s like saving money for a rainy day. Managing these wisely is crucial for a bank’s stability.

What is NPA?

NPA stands for Non-Performing Assets. These are loans on which borrowers are not making interest payments or repaying the principal amount. A lower NPA rate means the bank is doing well in getting its money back.

The Future of Yes Bank

Looking ahead, Yes Bank plans to focus on safer, smaller loans and using technology to improve services. This strategy aims to make banking with Yes Bank safer and more convenient for everyone.

Why This Analysis Matters

Understanding the Yes Bank Q4 Results 2024 Analysis is crucial not just for investors but for anyone interested in how banks operate. It shows us how decisions made by the bank can affect its performance and our money.


The Yes Bank Q4 Results 2024 Analysis offers valuable insights into the bank’s financial health and strategic direction. By understanding these key aspects, we can make more informed decisions about banking and investments.

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