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Table of Contents

How good is the share market course offered by Goela School of Finance?

Share Market Course

Stock markets have given us a massive bull run after the pandemic crash, beating other asset classes by miles. Many smart people who had free cash seized the opportunity and invested at the right time. Witnessing their amazing returns, common folks got trapped by buying at highs. The slump in the interest rates made them fall prey to TINA (there is no alternative), where the stock market seemed the best option. Most of these new investors don’t have the faintest idea of working in the stock market, and constantly remain puzzled about their next step?

People should always remember, stock markets are not a great place to earn money if you lack proper information. Understanding the basics of the stock markets is quintessential. In gathering correct knowledge, getting right and helpful will ease the process and save your precious time. Having a mentor helps in getting the correct answers to both novice and difficult questions, ensuring that you’re treading in the right direction.

Now you might think which stock market course is best for you to opt for? There are hundreds of online courses with many strategies in the market, so what precisely you should look at? As a beginner, things need to be figured out first:

1. Your goal for entering stock markets

2. Your basic skill and information about Stock Market

3. Time you can devote to learning stock market

4. Level of information you’re seeking

There are many good online schools to learn stock markets- from basics to advanced. Here’s are the reasons you should learn about the stock market from the Goela School of Finance:

1- Support desk

At GSF, there is a dedicated support team for the students where the team resolves the doubts as quickly as possible over email. Whether the query is theoretical or application related, their skilled team personnel covers it. Sometimes, the support team also discusses the questions related to stock markets outside the course. If the team feels the need or student remains unclear about their doubt, they take a session for complete resolution. Team GSF has chosen emails as a medium for communication, as it helps to effectively track the past and present information/queries of the student and resolve them at the earliest.

2- Mentorship

The GSF course provides every student with the mentorship of a minimum of 12 months the course. Often we hear about cases of improper support from support staff, leading to dissatisfaction. In GSF, if you’re unsatisfied with the multiple answers from the team, you can request to escalate the query to instructors. You can also ask for it when you’re facing issues in the implementation of the action plan, are facing any personal issue, or wish to discuss your goals. The team schedules such calls on a priority basis. This makes Goela School of Finance different from all the other courses in the market, as here you can directly interact with the instructors.

3- System

Unlike a conventional stock market program which bombards you with strategies, the ISMA program provides you with an executable action plan. We firmly believe in “people fail but systems don’t” and thus have three action plan styles to choose from- long-term investor, positional trader and intraday trader. The instructors have created these systems through their years of experience, with options to choose strategies that are taught.

4- Private Community

New investors and traders often feel the lack of the right environment to share their ideas and learn together. A community of like-minded people helps students to grow better as it shields them from negative comments. It also helps new students learn from the experiences of the seniors. In GSF private community, the support team also takes group doubt sessions voluntarily so people can learn from each other’s mistakes. Thousands of people from across the country and globe are present there waiting to be your friend and taking this journey together.

5- Simplicity

In many stock market programs, instructors unintentionally make the strategies complex in their efforts to increase accuracy. Some also introduce countless indicators to make things fancy. The purpose of a stock market course should impart knowledge to people from a non-finance background- a housewife to a doctor. In GSF, everyone believes the strategies should be in the simplest form so even a school student can understand them. Instructors and support team explain the course in the simplest of languages with the easiest approaches, devoid of fancy tools. We are confident that after completing the program, students can easily make independent decisions regarding their investments, as conveyed in reviews.

6- Psychology

The majority of the stock market courses have the same content in their stock market course. According to GSF, the content of the course is not an exceptional part. It is psychology that plays a pivotal role in the implementation’s success. If the students learn to stick to their SL, can stop themselves from over-trading, take proper positions, buy and sell as per the same strategy and avoid the lure of penny stocks, then they are in one of the finest stock markets courses. Experienced people always say, “One who has commanded psychology and Behavioural Finance will gain in stock markets.”

7- Expertise and achievements

The instructors have curated this course content from their experience and testing in live markets for over 10 years. With instructors being MBA and CFA under the guidance of immensely experienced CA, the course content is in-depth and of the highest qualities possible. GSF instructors are TedX and Josh talk speakers, who also conduct training on the behalf of BSE and NSE. Choosing the right mentor is something that will determine the duration and easiness of your stock market learning journey.

8- Review

We, as vigilant customers, always look for the product/service review before availing of it. At times of dropping trust in customer testimonials, GSF conveys its students to post their positive or negative testimonials on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is one of the most credible review platforms with impossible forgery. Even after reading the negative reviews, one can believe that the service and support provided by the team are exceptional!

These are some exclusive features that students get when they learn stock markets from the Goela School of Finance. These features have made Goela School of Finance cut above the rest and are the reason behind exceptional reviews.

share market course

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