Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Start Negotiating

Negotiation is one skill that all successful people have… from Warren Buffett to Ambani’s.
And I feel being a Baniya Negotiation is in my blood

Might be sounding weird but hear me out.

Our perception of negotiation is wrong ❌…
We think of negotiating with menial workers like autowalla’s, vegetable vendors, house help, etc.

📢 Menial workers come from a financial scary situation, Yes!
I am using the word SCARY, even if someone asks for a little more. Please be selfless and help them out.

Actual negotiation is done with the big organisations. Unfortunately, this is where people feel embarrassed to negotiate.

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✔ Case 1

One of my friends was recently buying a car, he took me to the showroom to finalize the deal.
I went to the dealer and asked him …
“what is the best you can do?”
“what all complimentary things will you give us?”
“asking him to waive off some charges”

You know what! my friend got embarrassed saying “Harsh, let it go. It’s ok, not looking nice”

“This is that same friend who fights with auto for Rs.10/-” 😂

✔ Case 2

A family dinner, where there were about 12 of us. We went to a restaurant, then I directly went to the manager asking him for a discount as there were so many of us.

“This time my cousin got embarrassed, but why? 🤷‍♀️”
Again “Harsh, it does not look nice”

“I have seen my aunt breaking down the Kabadi walla to shreds while negotiating”, I wonder where was my cousin then.
(I am sorry but I really don’t know what a kabadi waala is called in englih)

👀 I read somewhere that if you want to succeed then you need complete at least 200 negotiations.

Warren Buffett, in an interview, mentioned that while negotiating. He even brings in the fuel cost of his car.

Dhirubhai Ambani was one of the best negotiators. I read that while outsourcing some work he breaks down the other business prices to paisa. Yeah, not to rupees but paisa.

For me, having the skill of negotiation is invaluable be it a job or a business. 🎯

What do you think?
Am I right or do you think I am too much of a Baniya

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