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Table of Contents

Which is the best institute to learn stock market investment in India

With every social media platform brimming and spewing stock markets profit screenshots, classes ads, seminar invitations; you must have been bored of everything. Listening to how good price action is, indicators, FnO, live classes, recorded classes, it would seem to be just an improbable decision to make and you would have got fed up. When you look for some tool to invest or trade or even look for advisory, you’re bombarded with emails to which you can’t unsubscribe easily and you ultimately give up, thinking maybe the markets are not for me. More often you are confused in your first step- share market courses online or an Offline program? But after reading the following, all your confusion will vanish.

Understanding why you need stock markets:

People who are blindly attending webinars after webinars should ask themselves the following questions:

  • What is the return you are seeking?
  • Will you be able to devote time to learn that skill?
  • Will you be able to dedicate time to execute that skill?
  • In the initial period, will you be able to sustain the initial loss for a month or a couple?
  • And most importantly, will you be able to change your emotional state after identifying your mistakes?

If the answer to any of the last 4 questions is No, then stock market classes are not the best for you. You can look into advisory or something of sorts. If you ask us, choose a good mutual fund and invest in that.

Coming to the first question, if the return you are seeking is more than 12-14% per annum, then you need to learn it as a skill, and thus you will require stock market classes for beginners or if you have some knowledge, you’ll have to reach out to stock market institutes. If a lesser return is required you don’t need to go in-depth of markets. A simple index investment via an index fund or ETF will satisfy your need. Unless the goal is figured out a proper institute can’t be selected.

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Parameters to evaluate a good institute:

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 1. Experience: One of the biggest parameters to identify whether the knowledge rendered by the institution is practical or not, is the experience its mentors have in the stock markets. While this parameter can’t be evaluated on papers, as this would not go well, the best method is to talk to people about the periods of no market movement and what they did during that. A person who is experienced knows that markets don’t remain in trend for long. In a decade, the market remains in consolidation for a major period.

  2. Mindset: A good educational firm always focuses on the ideology of quality over quantity, both in investment and trading in their stock market classes. They will always promote you to choose good risk-reward trades, rather than tell you to simply put your money every time in the market. As time will pass, students realize that it is the mindset that helps them to earn money, not strategies.

3. Tips and Advisories: Even if a good institute provides you with some tips or trades to start with, they will always focus on telling you the concept, rather than the trade. The goal is to empower you to make your trade and invest through your own self. The goal of joining a stock market institute is to be self-reliant to make trades and investments by oneself.

4. Support: One of the major piece de resistance of a good stock market teaching institute is the kind of support they offer to their students. While immediate support is highly appreciated, not every good institute can provide that. So, even if the support is slot based or provided within 48 hours, it’s very good. You also need to check the nature of the support, i.e. call-based, email-based, and you need to choose as per what suits you. Also, semi-annual portfolio reviews are a very interesting add-on that comes under technical support.

5. Mentorship: What would you do, if the strategies that have been taught in the course are implemented by you, but results are not coming? Who would you be looking up to, if you need to plan for a financial goal of yours, using stock markets as your primary tool? This is the part where mentorship comes into the picture, as through harnessing it, personal solutions are created.

6. Validity: While choosing a course from an institute that ticks all the previous boxes, you need to have complete information on the validity of various deliverables available to you. These deliverables include Course validity for a share market course online, or offline; bonuses if provided, support, and mentorship validity too. Programs of institutes that offer after-course support are one the finest as they depict the faith they have in their strategies.

7. Upgrades: The best part of offline and share market courses online is that some institutes often provide upgrades in their curriculum to their past students either complimentary or at a nominal cost. Thus, a student can easily refresh his knowledge and learn more. Stock Markets are the place where history always repeats itself on longer timeframes, and being in touch is a boon.

Sub Zero: Mode of teaching

It should be completely the choice of the student, which mode of acquiring the knowledge suits them. While it may seem that offline classes may suit you, but it should not end up like your annual gym subscription, where the craze fades away after few weeks. In this part, an online or offline community platform provided by the stock market institute plays a pivotal role in maintaining enthusiasm, boosting morale, and also providing the latest updates to the past as well as present students.


It should not be the case where you apply for an online or offline course and then procrastinate it, and to your woes, one fine day, the course gets expired. You should be extremely clear whether you want to pursue this skill for yourself. There should be no if and buts and this decision should not be made in any kind of confusion.

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