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Table of Contents

Which Institute Is Good For Studying Stock Market Analysis?

Studying Stock Market Analysis
Stock Market Analysis

“Were you one of those lucky investors who invested into the markets during the pandemic and witnessed a massive bull run?”
“You have invested during the pandemic, but got trapped because of buying at highs!”

Be it either scenario, investing with knowledge makes an altogether different story. To learn about stock markets, there are various Stock Market Institutes In India. But, if you are confused with numerous options in the market, check out an institute that fulfills the below requirements.

Actionable Course Content

“Success is usually measured with achievements.”
“Achievements speak volumes about the right skill and experience”
and “Right Experience speaks volumes about quality”

At Goela School Of Finance, the course content is prepared by testing various vigorous strategies in live markets. With our proven belief that “Peoples can fail and systems don’t”, we have created an Irresistible Stock Market Course that helps you walk through each and every step of stock market investing and trading. With our battle-tested system, you can earn wild profits by personalizing the strategy according to your goals and risk appetite.

Complexity Simplified:

In GSF, me and Harsh using our experiences, have condensed everything into the best simplest way. Our Stock Market Courses are structured and organized in such a way that even a college dropout understands.

Steal our Stock Selection Process which has given us crores of profits
5-Step Stock Selection – choose winning stocks easily.
Beginner Friendly – easy for new investors.
Transform Your Future – achieve financial goals.

Fundamental Analysis Course

Fundamental Analysis Of Stocks helps you identify the overall financial health of a company. It tells you what stocks to buy. It further helps you become an informed investor and thus helps you create enormous wealth.
Fundamental Analysis Course Syllabus:
Basics of Fundamental Analysis.
• Basics of valuation – How to value a company, etc..,
• Balance sheet analysis
• Income statement analysis
• Cash flow analysis
• Financial ratios analysis
• And many more..

Technical Analysis Course

Technical Analysis tells you when to enter into the stock. It is the way of using chart patterns for analyzing various securities and getting to know when to “enter” into the stock. At GSF, Technical Analysis Course focuses on the below aspects:

• Different types of chart patterns.
• Ways to construct and interpret them.
• Analyzing and understanding concepts like MACD, RSI, moving averages, various indicators, support and resistance, trend lines and etc..,
• Understanding theories like Dow theory, Elliot wave theory, Fibonacci sequence and etc..,
These complex concepts are discussed in detail in the most simplified approachable way.
You will be able to:
• Learn techniques to analyze highly probable and profitable data.
• Analyze price-action and set up targets, stop loss based on your risk.
• Understand the psychology of retail and institutional investors to the market behavior.
• Build sustainable living from self-trading strategies.

Behavioral Finance:

Even after learning the core concepts of stock markets, behavioral psychology is what makes you a successful trader and puts you a step ahead of the crowd.

Behavioral finance helps you manage illogic emotion-driven trades. It helps you in taking rational trades and helps you overcome that feeling of “sell” when markets are down and vice-versa.

Experienced Traders As Instructors :

Anyone would love to get trained from the biggest achievers to achieve. The same goes with Stock Market Courses In India. We would like to highlight some of the reasons for “Why us.”
• With me and Harsh being CFA and MBA certified under the guidance of an immensely experienced CA, the result is in-depth high-quality course content.
• We have appeared in TedX and Josh talks.
• We conduct training on behalf of BSE and NSE.
• Highest reviewed institute by credible review platforms.

Mentorship/Course stuff:

“Finding a great mentor who believes in you is difficult. But finding one such will change your life forever”

“As said, a truly great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with, and is impossible to forget”

Often the most neglected part of most courses is mentorship. ISMA course, the most concise and actionable course handhelds you in each and every step by providing you 1-year mentorship.

We, here at GSF provide impeccable mentorship
to ensure a high success rate for students. This is done in the below ways.

• Roll out a form every month to check the returns earned and the strategies followed behind it. Providing feedback accordingly, on what to improve and what’s good!
• A special support team to help you will all your doubts, etc..,
• Still have issues? Don’t worry! Because there is an option of a direct call scheduling facility with the mentors Harsh/Aditya.
• Meet-ups on every 2nd and 4th Thursday (with the mentors) to discuss ongoing trends and stay updated.

Outstanding Support:

At GSF, our dedicated support team resolves all your queries. Be it theoretical or practical queries, our team resolves them efficiently and quickly.

Our team goes the extra mile by taking sessions to resolve doubts whenever needed. We, at Goela School Of Finance, have chosen emails as a mode of communication to ensure easy effective tracking of past and present email conversations for fast track resolution.

Private Community:

New investors and traders often feel the lack of the right environment to share their ideas, discuss and then learn. But with GSF, as soon as you enroll in the course, you will be able to join our team of like-minded people which enables you to grow better and give your best.

Below are some of the best perks of our private community:

Our community
• Helps you learn from the experiences of your seniors and saves you from not making the same mistakes.
• Helps you develop a healthy network with various people across the country and globe, thus widening your knowledge.
• Helps you shield from the negatives and stay optimistic(and realistic).
Stock market has become one of the biggest money-making opportunities for everyone across the globe. But, with the right strategy, the right mentor, a right institute along with persistent hard work, focus, and determination you can reach your lane of success.

Harsh and Aditya Goela
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